British Drummer Breaks Second World Record

British Drummer Breaks Second World Record

A drum roll is a great sign something exciting is about to happen, and Dartford recently heard the longest one ever!

Executive attempt...

We’re really happy to reveal that some of our seating - including our leather executive chair and leather cantilever chair - was being used during a World Record attempt. Recently in Dartford, Kent, champion British drummer Jayson Brinkler broke the current record for the longest ever drum roll in the world!

Drummer boy

We think Jayson’s chose some of the best kind of seating for the event, as both those models feature padding and lumbar support to help maintain his comfort levels, which is very important as he played the drums for an incredibly lengthy 12 hours five minutes and five seconds. Funds raised by the event will be donated to the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys.

This organisation offered free education to a young girl whose father was killed in WWI when he was just 27-years-old. The young soldier who never met his daughter, was a member of the same masonic lodge as Jayson - Campbell Lodge No. 1415.

Setting the score...

Drumming and music in general attracts a large number of people breaking records, and why not combine a favourite pastime with a charity fundraising event! Here are some more successful attempts at breaking World Records…

    1. Drum it out!

We think there’s nothing that builds anticipation more than a drum roll, and the sound of drums being bashed is a great follow-up too! Another musician raising money for worthy causes with the help of drumming is Carlos Santos. He took part in a massive musical marathon playing the drums constantly for a staggering 132 hours. Funds were donated to raising awareness of positive parenting.

    2. Unmasked talent

Record breaking attempts generally require lots of stamina, talent and a bit of a quirky edge too. This definitely applied where Phil McFarlane’s record setter was concerned. To honour the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, he wore gloves adorned with their faces while also drumming out an amazing 407 beats in just 15 seconds!

    3. Stand maul

This quirkiness isn’t confined to just those records set in the UK! Canadian Doug McManaman also decided to break some records with a musical instrument in a novel way. He played an aboriginal drum for 40.92 seconds… while balancing a ten-pound hammer, also called a maul, on his chin.

Huge Achievement!!

We'd like to take this time to congratulate Jayson on his amazing record breaking effort and following reports of him attending Accident & Emergency to have his injured wrist checked out, we hope he get's well soon!

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