Moving? Get Hiring!

Moving? Get Hiring!

The costs of moving business premises can really stack up but this is where our furniture hire service can be very useful.

Go Long...

Renting items such as chairs, tables and sofas is common for events, such as conferences, meetings exhibitions and more. We’re also glad to see how businesses are also seeing the benefits of hiring all kinds of furniture on a longer term basis. Offices are a key area for longer rental periods as there are many cost savings. You spend much less hiring than buying similar items for example, and we also offer very competitive delivery and collection rates.

So how can hiring furniture have a positive impact when your office may move location?

1. Rent for as long - or little - as you like!

If you’ve bought your furniture outright then you’ll likely use it until it’s time to replace it, whether this is down to wear and tear or because you’d simply like to refresh your look. This may mean moving it with you if your offices change location, which will further entail packing and wrapping it up and arranging transport. When your office features a large number of desks, chairs and storage this could prove fairly costly. When you hire furniture, you choose your rental period and you’re able to adapt this to reflect any moving you intend to do. We take full charge of deliveries and collections for very competitive rates, and if you’d like replacement furniture for your new premises… we have that too, just check out our office furniture hire range!

2. Moving with the times

It’s likely that your new premises will vary from those you moved from. The decor may be different and you might prefer furniture that can complement this. We have a variety of styles available for all sorts of office locations. For example, as well as light oak desks and mobile pedestals, we also have desking and storage available in white or walnut finishes. Our white products are a favourite with customers looking for very contemporary items, while the walnut brings an executive and premium ambiance. When you’re renting from us you have this freedom and flexibility to update your office furniture whenever you see fit, whether you’re moving locations or not.

3. Sizes for all spaces!

Just like you get to choose the finish that complements your new surroundings the best, you’re also able to select items that fit better in terms of size as well. Whether you’re upsizing or downsizing it’s important for productivity and the look of your office to choose those products that work really well in the space provided. Some of our clients might be choosing smaller offices, but in a more pricey and more central location and be looking for smaller desks and great storage solutions, such as our 1500mm and 4 drawer filing cabinets. On the other hand if you’d like larger items, then we have bigger desks and meeting tables too.

These are just some of our top benefits to hiring and how they can make moving more affordable, add in the fact that you don’t need to dedicate any capital expenses to long term furniture hire and these savings can be very significant.