3 Tips For First Time Hiring

3 Tips For First Time Hiring

When it comes to preparing for an event or organising a venue for hire, are we the only ones who are full of fear over the seemingly never-ending to-do list that incorporates everything from food, decorations, guests and the often forgotten-but-oh-so-important item of furniture hire.

Rest tired trotters

Although it’s often the bottom of the list, providing your guests with a plethora of chairs and tables to rest their tired trotters after a night destroying the karaoke tunes or making shapes on the dancefloor requires a little light relief for the feet. And it’s usually the place where the mouth and vocal chords gets the most action, as when the feet are resting, it’s time for a good-old natter.

No-one wants an undesirable price tag

When we buy furniture, it often comes with a rather undesirable price tag, when really we only need the furniture for one or, at most, a handful of events. Then we’re stuck with the problem of removing, storing, protecting until the next event, or even selling the furniture to simply get it off our hands.

So, regular buyers, we’re letting you into a secret...hiring is where it’s at!

The first time you hire that furniture can be pretty scary. After all, what timeframes, choices and terms of agreements should you be made aware of? Well, here at Furniture Hire UK, we want to remove one thing from your to-do list and so, let’s try to answer some of your concerns...

Myth #1. We’ll have to wait an eternity for delivery

Nope, not at all. In fact, we can deliver on the same or next day, so don’t worry that you’re too late for that special get-together, you’re not. Our friendly and dedicated team of delivery drivers not only deliver all your furniture to your door, but they’re only too happy to unload and help you set up so your venue will be ready in no time. With our large depot a wash with HGV trucks in and out all day to collect the next customer’s furniture for delivery, we have our delivery system down to a tee and put customer service at the top of everything we do.

Myth #2. We won’t have freedom over the terms

Yep, you will. When you hire your furniture online at Furniture Hire UK, after choosing from our competitive weekly prices, strong and positive user-rating and product description, you then simply choose how many you need to fill your venue and then add them to your quote.

If you need the chairs for an extended period of time, our customer service team is always on hand to make sure you get exactly the type of service you need. After all, we know that each event is unique and so we tailor our service to whatever venue you choose and event you hold. Whether it’s a business conference, networking meeting, conference or exam, we’ve got it covered.

Myth #3. I’ll be restricted to limited options

Not at all. Year on year we grow the range, diversity and vibrancy of our furniture to keep up with changing styles and trends. Of course, there’s our practical and much-loved polyprop chairs and popular rectangular and round tables, but you can always add a touch of glamour and elegance or equally, contemporary feel to any event with crisp limewash chiavari chairs or modern ghost bubble chairs. We have linens and centrepieces for every occasion too and create Hollywood sophistication with barriers ready for that red carpet event, along with mobile bars for hire too.

We try to make hiring furniture as easy as possible - so if we've missed anything - simply send us a quick message or call our team on 0844 567 5744. Hope to hear from you soon.

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