Colour Psychology - The Power Of Colour In The Office Environment

Colour Psychology - The Power Of Colour In The Office Environment

You might not realise it, but the colours you choose for your office could influence staff, visitors and potential clients more than you think. The effects might not be obvious, but colour can affect us subliminally and create good or bad impressions, affect productivity and even business decisions.

Colour In The Corporate Office - Professional Or Boring?

When you think of a corporate office you probably think of professional and serious colours such as browns, beiges, dark greens, greys and creams. These “play it safe” colours are common in the regular office and are the mainstay of most office furniture ranges.

There is a reason why these colours are popular within the office industry. Blue denotes a sense of loyalty, honest, security and confidence. Dark green suggests a calm atmosphere, but it can also denote security, money and growth and prestige.

The problem is that traditional colours can be a little boring. To counter this problem, we have introduced some great colours to our office chair range, and you’ll also find white desks and storage to lighten things up a little.

As noted in a previous news story we published February this year - we found a study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, which detailed how natural light could boost productivity by up to 15%. I wonder just how many people are seated near a window or can actually see natural daylight? Where do you sit within the workplace?

The Reception Area - Creating A Positive Impression With Colour

Your reception area is often the first point of contact for visitors and clients. It is important that they are impressed, feel comfortable and that the area gives them a favourable impression of your business. Light greens, soft muted oranges and calming blues not only create a stylish look, but they also help to relax the mind and put visitors at ease. If your reception area is a popular area for decision making, consider blues and greens as they are well known in colour psychology to assist the part of the brain that makes key decisions.

Colour In The General Office Space - Can Colour Affect Productivity?

When it comes to color in the general workspace, colour can send several different messages. In areas where you want to create energy such as a fast-paced sales environment, reds, oranges and yellows are perfectly placed. In areas that require a high element of creative thinking, calming colours such as blues and greens are a sensible choice.

Just be a little careful with colour placement and the amount of colour you use. Too much red can provoke anger and aggression whereas too many pastel or muted colours can have a negative effect on productivity - you don’t want people to be so calm they are comatose!

Training And Teaching Areas - Think Tropical Colours

It might sound strange, but in areas where learning and communication are key, a tropical colour palette can work wonders. Turquoises and yellows are creative and communicative colours and so great for training and lecture areas where you want information to be retained and participants to be involved.

Let Us Colour Your World With Our Exciting Range Of Furniture

Here at Furniture Hire UK, we offer a wide range of furnishings in a huge range of colours. Whether you are looking for lime green chairs and white desks, or you would like more corporate colours such as navy, walnut and black, we give you the freedom to play it safe or add vibrant colour to your office space. Take a look at our range today for some inspiration and to experience the power of colour psychology for yourself.