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Furniture Hire UK can accommodate all your needs, so why not create your own bespoke reception area and make a lasting first impression on all your customers.

  • reception counter walnut
  • tub chairs and oak coffee table
  • reception counter walnut inside

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1 Seater Leather Tub Chair


£41.99 / 1-7 days £21.00 / 1-7 days

11 Rating(s)

Leather look single tub chair. Contoured for support. Modern stitching & design. Robust, durable material. Available in 2-seater. Teams with coffee tables.

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2 Seater Leather Tub Chair


£52.49 / 1-7 days £26.25 / 1-7 days

7 Rating(s)

Leather look twin tub chair. Supportive, comfy shape. Cushioned, soft seat. Great match for low tables. 1-seater also in stock.

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1 Seater Corbusier Sofa - Black


£93.45 / 1-7 days £46.73 / 1-7 days

5 Rating(s)

Ultra chic black & chrome sofa. Supportive, quality upholstery. Extra large comfy cushions. Elegant chrome frame. Matches our coffee tables. Available in white.

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2 Seater Corbusier Sofa - Black


£170.00 / 1-7 days £85.00 / 1-7 days

20 Rating(s)

Stylish black & chrome sofa. Soft, leather finish. Chic chrome frame. Supportive large cushions. 1-seater also in stock. For all stylish sofa needs.

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Square Coffee Table


£6.30 / 1-7 days

14 Rating(s)

Modern square table. Features 25mm melamine top. Stylish grey steel frame. Sturdy & very steady. Use in many different venues. Teams well with our sofas.



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Walnut Coffee Table


£15.25 / 1-7 days

7 Rating(s)

Contemporary walnut table. Features 25mm thick top. Sat on an arrow head base. Perfect height for our sofas. A deluxe, top quality choice.

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Coat Stand


£12.60 / 1-7 days £8.40 / 1-7 days

6 Rating(s)

All purpose coat stand. Contemporary light grey. Steady black base. Lightweight for easy lifting. Bag & umbrella holders.


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A Memorable Welcome with Reception Furniture Hire

Reception areas are invariably a place where impressions are made, and opinions formed for the future. You can make great first impressions with the help of decor and the best reception furniture hire products for your brand and location - and this is where we can help!

Make first impressions a premiere experience...

When someone walks into a business their first port of call will be at reception, this is generally the first place that clients or business associates will stop to wait for an appointment, gather information or even for informal and formal meetings. It is the place where deliveries are often dropped, transport is awaited and where formalities are a part of the day. It is therefore one of the most important areas within any office because this is exactly where you are likely to instil a positive vision of the internal workings of your office.

Your space, your say!

A reception area that reflects professionalism and style is fundamentally important because it is often a reason why your clients will return. It is a place where make or break decisions can be determined, thus it is vital that you offer a space that it is reflective of your business as a whole. You want to create a vision that is not only stylish but professional. Over the years the size of receptions have adapted according to the size of the offices in which the reception is housed. This means that offering the best to your clients remains as important as the space you want to furnish.

Relieve Stress with Furniture Hire

It is important therefore that you choose your furniture according to the size and space you wish to accommodate. It is just as important to choose an item of furniture hire that will fit the construction of a large office as it is a small one. This is the reason that furniture hire is such a convenient way of choosing how to decorate and furnish your office.

You can take away and add furniture according to your immediate needs, and you also avoid having to pay out large sums of cash for purchases that will eventually need replacing, or simply do not match with other items of furniture, or even with the current style of your reception area. All of these circumstances make furniture hire a preferable and more intelligent option because in the long run you will save not only money but ensure, that you obtain the best quality furniture for your business at the best possible prices. We have a fantastic range of reception furniture hire options to suit any style or taste.

Neat seating and more

Another important consideration for your reception area is the seating, it is one of the most important furniture hire choices, because you need to consider not only style but comfort. Our selection of soft seating chairs offer the best in quality and style and are a great addition for any type of reception area, our two-seater tub chairs have a smart leather finish and smooth lines, while our sophisticated corbusier sofas are professional and very comfy. Adding a walnut coffee table or square coffee table in light oak adds to this premiere atmosphere even more.

Another item of furniture that will really enhance the look and feel of your reception area, is our coat stand, a perfect accompaniment to your reception furniture hire set-up, helping to keep areas neat, tidy and smart looking.