Black Stretch Barrier (Black Webbing) + A4 Sign Holder

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Black Stretch Barrier (Black Webbing) + A4 Sign Holder
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W:2720 x D:360 x H:940 mm | 19.00 kg

Key features:

  • PLEASE NOTE: Webbing length: 2000mm (2m)
  • PLEASE NOTE: Total barrier footprint (width): 2720mm
  • Features heavy duty UPVC
  • Strong webbing - clips in seconds
  • Install and link very quickly
  • Sturdy base for outdoor use
  • Large stocks available
  • Priced per barrier
Frequently hired with...

Black stretch barrier hire - for stylish crowd management

Safety when it comes to arranging your event can also be very stylish when you choose our black stretch barrier.

Joining our other crowd control management systems, this furniture hire product is much more than an accessory to your event, it looks good, can create an up-market vibe, but it’s also great for managing the movement of large crowds.

Key Features:

  • Belt can be quickly activated for speedy crowd control
  • Black base and belt results in very stylish looking product
  • Ensures the smooth mobility of large groups of people
  • Adds definition to venues, showing where to queue
  • Ideal for creating no-go areas around displays/products

How can the black stretch barrier impact my event?

When large groups of people are expected at venues, showing them where to queue for refreshments, tickets and entrances to different rooms, stands or other parts of the building can really help in terms of crowd management.

Firstly, when visitors know where they’re going it can help them to access their seats, shows, exhibitions much more quickly and they’ll only have good memories of your venue. When queues are expected to be long, but guests can see themselves getting nearer to entrances because they’re standing in neat lines then they’re less likely to get frustrated as they wait.

Are stretch barriers necessary for health and safety?

As well as improving the customer experience of your visitors stretch barriers may also be required under the health and safety guidelines of your venue. It’s important that risks are assessed in workplaces and at events too.

Although it’s very rare that evacuation is required, having our black stretch barrier hire range in place can provide smooth exits from buildings when this needs to occur quickly. Also when people congregate in large groups and aren’t queueing via barriers it can be difficult to keep count of the number of guests on the premises, meaning visitors could exceed numbers suggested by health and safety guidelines.

Can I use stretch barriers for more than crowd control?

Although this product is perfectly designed for showing where visitors ought to stand, queue or file out of busy events, they are also ordered by our customers to indicate where guest shouldn’t go!

For example, if you’re holding an exhibition of products that are delicate or not to be touched then you can use our barriers to define a no-go area. This is a similar tactic used by very busy locations that are operating a one-in one-out policy. Because the belt can be quickly pulled out, then retracted you can easily use the barriers to admit people into venues.

Is it okay to use the black stretch barriers outside?

Thanks to the sturdy PVC of the base, these stretch barriers are extremely robust and ideal for outdoor use. This means you can capitalise on possible queueing space outside of your venue and create parallel lines of queues so further maximise the room available for customers. The black webbing is strong and durable, and complements the black post to create a classy looking product. We also have chrome barriers available and chrome posts with red ropes.

Typical Uses:

Entertainment events, sports games, nightclubs, galleries, exhibitions, festivals, parties, outdoor celebrations.