Planning A Conference With Us

Planning A Conference With Us

Why Can Conferences Be So Nerve Racking?

In the business world, conferences are a very big part of the organisation of companies. It gives people a chance to have their say, it keeps employees in the know and it allows new ideas to be developed.

Whilst these are a necessity for many companies, it can be difficult to find the time and room to organise them in. If you are in charge of organising a conference, this task can seem very daunting, since they are so important. Not only do you have to think about where to have it, you also need to take into account ensuring there are enough chairs, having the correct table setting and so on. On top of this, people attending the conference may lose concentration easily if you choose an uncomfortable chair. So comfort is also something that needs to be taken into account.

Chairs We Offer For Conferences

We have a range of chair hire options that are sure to be perfect for your conference. Our range of conference furniture to hire is one of the most popular around, as our company has a long experience in the industry compared to others! Our Black Stacking Chair and Blue Stacking Chair are both good options for a lecture. They are very sturdy and have deep soft cushioning to allow maximum comfort.

You can hire these pieces from £2.75 a week – very reasonable, and saving you a lot of money compared to buying chairs outright! However, perhaps your conference is going on for a little longer or you have some guests you wish to impress. For these reasons you may wish to hire our Leather Cantilever Chair. This piece comes at a slightly higher price of £15.00 per chair per week, however it is worth that extra money! The chair comes on a black frame and has adjustable feet in order to maximise its stability. It is ideal for conferences due to the fact it has a very comfortable design, whilst appearing sleek and formal.

Don’t Hesitate To Contact Us!

Our hardworking team are always happy to give advice on product hire and let you know the best options available to you. Not only this, but we can also do a CAD design to figure out what tables will best suit the room you have available. To find out more about our products, visit the website or pick up the phone today!

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