Huge International Event Results in ‘Happy’ Furniture Hire Client

Huge International Event Results in ‘Happy’ Furniture Hire Client

Thousands of faithful devotees are this week arriving at a special religious location in London, where our stacking chairs will be giving them somewhere very comfortable to sit.

We can reveal that our client already feels very positive about his online furniture hire, thanks to the quality of the product and our adaptable delivery schedule that we worked flexibly around the needs of the huge event.

Experienced in large events

For this occasion we supplied our client with a massive 3,500 of our blue and black stacking chairs, that our photos show are being used in many different parts of the chapel’s international headquarters. The last few days have been an extremely important time for the organisation as they get ready to welcome devotees
from across Europe. We recently visited the location just before the packed programme of events started and witnessed the sheer amount of energy followers of the chapel put into getting the site prepared to receive its many visitors.

At we’re aware of the organisation needed when huge events take place, so we were keen to help out in anyway we can. Transporting, delivering and installing 3,500 stacking chairs takes a good bit of logistical knowhow,
but something we’ve done many times before as part of our nationwide
nextday delivery service.

Flexible nationwide delivery

Aware of how busy the entire location was, our sales rep Christine offered to alter the delivery schedule, so our black and blue stacking chairs arrived on site in three different batches. This gave volunteers from the chapel the chance to install them gradually at their own leisure over several days. We also organised a fourth delivery for 16 blue freestanding screens, which we unloaded into the location’s marquee, so they could divide up the space and create different activity areas.

‘New’ and ‘clean’ products prove a hit

Our images reveal how our stacking chairs are giving visitors the chance to enjoy speeches, talks and musical performance in many different parts of the international headquarters, from the location’s main gym, to specialised prayer and learning centres for children and teenagers.

We caught up with our client from the chapel and asked him about our service, and are very glad that he feels so positive about our flexible nationwide delivery and our stacking chairs. He said: “I am happy, I like the products, they are new and they are clean”. We wish the chapel well in its forthcoming conference and if you’re holding large scale events, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly sales team who can arrange your online furniture hire order in seconds.

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