Corporate Meeting Gets A ‘Stacking Chair’ Comfort Boost

Corporate Meeting Gets A ‘Stacking Chair’ Comfort Boost

Traditional style seating for important meetings can add to the professionalism of venues, and our black stacking chairs helped to do exactly this for a city based client recently. The prestigious company recently hire 50 of these seats, and we went along to take some photos.

The perfect chair for professionals

Our black stacking chairs are very at home in highly professional corporate surroundings and a recent trip to see these products set up for a meeting shows this continues to be the case.

A major company that provides marketing solutions to global brands booked 50 of our black stacking chairs for an on-site meeting. We arranged to take some images of our seating to show how well they fit into corporate locations. As our photos here prove, our chairs give a great first impression to visiting delegates and colleagues.

Great seat design and comfortable too

The chrome frame of this product really complements the glass surrounds of the corporate meeting room, while the traditional shape of the seat looks great in business environments. Another top aspect of our chairs is that as well as being designed to look good, they’re also very comfortable and easy to set up too. With an upholstered seat and lumbar support, these chairs allow delegates attending our client’s function to sit very comfortably.

Hire furniture to save you time

In fact, these are a very time saving choice partly because they are light and can be stacked to five high. This means that when they are transported to the client’s location - which was the second floor of a central London office on this occasion - they can be stacked and loaded on to trolleys easily. Once in the room, they can simply be set out without much effort thanks to the stacking chair’s lightweight steel frame.

For this client, our products were easily moved to the second floor in stacked batches, then installed in quick time.

Contact us for all your hire furniture needs

Our black stacking chairs also come in blue, and are so popular with our customers that we have thousands and thousands in stock so we can meet small and large orders. They are versatile for many reasons, and as this visit to our client shows, the products are perfect for smaller functions when you want professional looking, comfortable products that are affordable too.

Contact us today by visiting our website or giving our sales team a call to select, pay for and arrange the next day delivery of your stacking chairs - wherever you live in the UK.

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