How To Get The Most From Team Meetings

How To Get The Most From Team Meetings

On a recent visit to see a client in Covent Garden, we got an insight into the essential elements of arranging workplace meetings. Two of our round tables, one rectangular modular tables and 20 black stacking chairs contributed to a professional looking and comfy venue.

Furniture for successful meetings

In a recent trip to Covent Garden, we visited a client of ours who ordered 20 of black stacking chairs and three of our tables for a team meeting. These events can be a daily or weekly event for lots of us and are often essential to the smooth running of companies, campaigns and teams themselves. Because they are such a crucial element of successful business, it makes sense that they’re organised very well, so all objectives are covered.

Go beyond your objectives

But meetings are much more than ticking off a series of goals, in fact they are a great opportunity to come up with creative ideas for projects, problem solving strategies, while also providing a great opportunity for staff to get to know team members better - a great way to boost productivity and morale! So what makes a work meeting fantastic? Here are some of our top tips to ensure all these kinds of workplace events meet their objectives and beyond.

Location, location, location

Like with any function, even the quickest or shortest meetings require some preparation. Beforehand, it’s a good idea to make sure you have all the necessary paperwork, agendas and technical equipment prepared. Next, it’s important to think about the location of your event, which will vary depending on occasion itself.

If your colleagues will be going over policies or they need to focus for long lengths of time, then a quiet room without distractions is ideal, but if the event involves some creative brainstorming then a busier and relaxed location may prove more inspiring. As you can see from our latest visit to our client’s premises, they had the best of both world, both an intimate space for concentration, set in the hubbub of a much-visited area in the capital.

Snack attack

It goes without saying that breaks are essential to meetings, and are a simple way to increase productivity. Supplying snacks throughout the day are another way to keep energy levels up and may help to improve concentration too. Offering a selection of treats, such as chocolate or sweets, crisps and healthy alternatives like fruit, in addition to regular breaks, can keep colleagues feeling bright and alert for the entire event.

As with our recent client, we have all the furniture hire London items you need to prepare a snack and refreshment area. On this occasion one of our 1200mm modular tables was set up near the meeting room, ideal for food and drinks. Covered with a white tablecloth they look very smart and fit into business functions really well.

Raising the comfort factor

Offering snacks and drinks is one way that you can keep your colleagues refreshed during team events. Supplying them with the best seating and premium worksurfaces, means they can tackle objectives of the meeting very comfortably indeed. On our recent trip to see our furniture in-situ, we took some photos of 20 black stacking chairs, which were arranged around two of our 1830mm round tables.

Seating for all meetings

These seats are often chosen for those corporate occasions where comfort is key, because they have an upholstered seat and lumbar support, making them a really great option for longer functions and when you’d like to impress visitors with stylish seating. Our round tables add to the professional look of rooms, especially when they’re covered in our white linens. These products are also very easy to set up and steady too, so you can rely on them if colleagues need a robust surface for writing, note taking or resting laptops on.

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