What’s Your Catwalk Style?

What’s Your Catwalk Style?

Showing off products at an exciting, entertaining event can make them really memorable and we recently attended a catwalk show, which was all of these things. The large event saw 2,750 of our black stacking chairs being delivered and set up - overnight!

A walk on the wildside

Catwalks are fantastic ways to reveal new clothing lines, provide platforms for entertainment and act as a focal point during an event. Many singers, performers and models have danced, acted and sashayed down catwalks, and we got to glimpse all the important preparations that go into these extravagant functions when we made a very large delivery of 2,750 black stacking chairs to a very busy arena recently.

Fashion shows and catwalks go hand-in-hand, and it’s reported that around the 1800s high-end retailers in Paris began to organise events in order to showcase their products. These items were highly luxurious and the functions were designed to attract buyers. The goals of these kinds of occasions haven’t really changed that much over the years, but they’ve grown to a global scale. Part of this is because the fashion industry itself brings in so much income a year - in fact figures show that in the UK alone it’s worth a staggering £21 billion to our economy!

Affordable fashions

Although in the 1800s, the latest fashions might only have been affordable to the privileged, by the early 1900s US department stores began to run their own shows, and there’s little doubt that catwalks were involved in these events. The latest clothing lines were much more affordable to all, and during WWII, larger shows were organised in the US, rather than war-hit Paris, and fashion shows as we know them became a truly international affair.

Catwalks themselves are essential to occasions where it’s important to display products well. In recent times, venues have become increasingly creative when it comes to designing these important platforms for items. Some of the most amazing feats include a vertical catwalk, which was unveiled in Dubai recently and saw models sashaying down the side of modern high-rise buildings. Here in the UK, designer Henry Holland used mirrors and an ingenious paint technique to create a platform that made it seem like models were walking on clouds for last year’s London Fashion Week.

Venues with Oh La La

All these latest renovations back-up the belief that products are very important, but catwalks are crucial too. They help to create an impression in the minds of potential buyers, complementing items and making them more memorable than ever. The catwalks and surrounding venues may also appear in images with the products concerned, which could potentially be shown again and again in the international press, and on social networking and video websites across the web.

This indicates how important it is to design spectacular shows when launching products of any kind, and this is exactly what our client delivered at a recent event we attended. The large venue featured all the necessary elements to create an amazing show that was exciting, innovative and memorable, from the central catwalk bathed in bright lighting, to the spacious stage and huge screens. These all combined to create a magical atmosphere - and we were very pleased to provide all the seating for guests attending the show.

Perfect seating for your show

In the past we’ve completed similar size orders for large events, and on this occasion we transported 2,750 black stacking chairs for the occasion, arriving at 2am in the morning to install all the chairs as the client requested. As noted above, creating the right environment around a product can have a large effect on how it’s remembered and we think our stacking chairs were the perfect choice for this show.

As you can see from our photos, they blended perfectly into the arena, and as well as looking the part, these chair hire items are very comfortable - giving our clients the chance to design events that are exciting, memorable and very comfy for their visitors!

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