Budget Chairs Can Be Beautiful!

Budget Chairs Can Be Beautiful!

An expert lighting provider recently hired 80 of our black polyprop chairs, and we went along to see how well our budget chair hire range fits into modern and elegant surroundings.

Affordable ambiance…

Lighting is one of those very powerful mood setters, along with music and furniture, so we were really interested to visit a recent client that’s an expert in this industry, as well as see how well our black polyprop chairs looked on their contemporary premises.

It’s all about atmosphere

When events are being arranged, you’re generally seeking to create a certain kind of atmosphere that will fit the theme of your occasion. Although it can seem a bit mystifying why some events manage this better than others, there are a few guidelines you can follow to strike the right balance for functions. Going back to basics, it’s important to take into account what people see and hear when they first arrive on your premises!

Mood maker

This sounds too simple to be true, but first impressions make a big impact, so getting it right from the very start is crucial, and explains why lighting and music is so essential to creating the ambiance you’re aiming for. These two can be combined in many different ways, with vibrant music comple

menting bold colour schemes, and more background music suiting dim lighting. There are many different kinds of lighting such as downlights for subtle glows, and spotlights for creating contrast, for example. We were delighted to see how our black polyprop chairs contributed to the contemporary feel of the event organised by our recent client - showing that budget can be beautiful!

Work well

In addition to setting the mood of your events, lighting is a really important factor when it comes to people fulfilling their roles. Workplaces require enough light so workers can do their jobs correctly, with pendant lighting and recess lighting being very useful in these kinds of situations. We know how essential it is to supply the best products for your workplaces and have a great range of desks and seats that can be adjusted to suit each worker so they can avoid injuries by sitting ergonomically.

Safe and well

As well as lighting that makes workplaces bright, it’s also essential that premises across the country install the necessary emergency lights, so workers can easily identify exits during evacuations and fire alarms. We have products that can complement products you install for fire regulations. Our black polyprop chairs, folding and stacking chairs can all be linked together with our linking loops. These are the simple and affordable way to keep all your seating in neat rows, great for making sure all your venues maintain their smart appearance throughout your event.

They have another very important role too, and this is to keep lines of entry and exit open. Instead of seating being moved during intervals and breaks, it stays in place and takes away any chaos and confusion if your guests need to leave venues quickly.

All this - for affordable rates

As well as bearing in mind ways to create a fantastic atmosphere at your events, you will very likely have to consider your budget too. Our chair hire range includes items for all budgets, from our robust and well-designed black polyprop chairs, to our leather executive chairs - perfect for boardroom meetings and when ultimate decadence is all-important! This means that ambiance is truly affordable.

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