Three Reasons To Scream For Screens!

Three Reasons To Scream For Screens!

While visiting an event organised by one of our clients, we saw the great benefit that freestanding screens can bring to smaller venues. Our customer ordered 30 black freestanding screens and used them as smart room dividers within top class hotel suites.

Making smart suites… smarter

Taking place in a premium hotel in a city centre the event’s surroundings were opulent and first class and the addition of 30 of our black freestanding screens really complemented the professional look of the rooms used for the function, showing how well they fit into office and other types of locations.

Venues that work for you

Like with all kinds of company functions, it’s really important that communication can occur easily, but also privately too. Our screens are the ideal way to make the best of the space our furniture hire London clients have available, turning spacious areas into bespoke networking centres, places for breakout meetings and small group or one-to-one chats. These are just some of the benefits as to why this product is popular - read for more advantages associated with our freestanding screens.

1. Get spacey

Choosing venues that have the right amount of room for your function is a top priority, but so is utilising the space to your advantage. When you’re holding a very large event, a huge, empty room, might look a bit intimidating - and can lead to lots of questions about where to place banqueting tables for example, or modular tables if you’re running an exhibition. Smaller spaces have their own challenges too, as you may like to have separate areas for stands, meetings or networking.

This is when our freestanding screens come in really useful, because they can utilise both larger and smaller spaces. For our recent client, the event was held in several deluxe rooms, and our screens created smaller divisions within each suite, so one room actually offered around three to four meeting areas.

2. Dialing it down

Meetings come in all shapes… and sounds, some might feature presentations, fierce debate and guest speakers. When you need to focus, perhaps during group problem solving meetings, or those one-to-one occasions, you might want to filter out distractions so everyone can concentrate on the matter at hand. Dividing rooms with our freestanding screens is a fantastic way to create spaces for all these functions, but they do much more than this too.

Because they are made from top quality materials and measure 1800mm high, 1200 wide, with a depth of 30mm, they can help to absorb noise and create privacy too. During events, it’s important that confidential matters can be discussed freely with those concerned and the fact this furniture hire London product helps maintain privacy by limiting noise travelling - makes it a perfect choice for these types of functions. As well as proving useful this way, because of their size, our screen also provide privacy visually, making them a top product in many different locations, from meetings, to offices, fashion shows and clinics.

3. Screens with style

After you’re hired a venue for you occasion, then the next step is to start getting all the items you need, from furniture hire London tables, chairs, screens and seating, to stages, sound systems for example. As well as helping your event to go smoothly, it’s important that you order products that suit the theme of the occasion. Our freestanding screens come in blue and black, and for this event, our client ordered 30 with a black finish.

These fit into so many different environments, and are particularly suited to corporate locations, such as conferences, meetings and training rooms. Our blue freestanding screens also feature a finish that is popular in workplaces and other locations, like schools, colleges and clinics.

Unbeatable prices

We have a large range of items available for conferences and meetings, including our black pinboard screens, in addition to our black and blue stacking chairs, with our furniture hire London prices kept permanently low.