Go Down the Rabbit Hole With A-Lunch In Wonderland

Go Down the Rabbit Hole With A-Lunch In Wonderland

The theme of a party can add extra fun to your event, and we recently saw how 25 of our rectangular tables, 25 white tablecloths and 120 white folding chairs were used to create one long lunch table - evoking a very famous tea party in Alice in Wonderland.

Upping the fun factor

Adding a fun factor to your events can be achieved in many different ways, and we were really delighted to see how our rectangular banqueting tables and white folding chairs did exactly this at a recent event.

Light lunch

Last week we travelled into the centre of London’s fashionable Shoreditch district to fully install 120 white folding fan back chairs and 25 of our 1830mm rectangular trestle tables, which we cover with 25 gleaming white tablecloths. Every event we visit is different, with each client working to their own creative vision and themes to make functions really special. This occasion was no different and we saw just how versatile our trestle tables can be!

Theme for the team

As you can see by our photos, for this event, the majority of our tables were lined up in one long continuous row surrounded by 120 folding chairs, a configuration that readers of Alice In Wonderland may well associate with the famous Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Set up in a very contemporary offices, with large windows looking out to the surrounding city, the overall impression was very striking and set the scene for a sociable and fun lunch.

Revert to type

The type of items making up your furniture hire order can really create different moods at your function. You can create laidback and relaxed vibes by selecting products from our soft seating, such as our tub chairs and black cube seating for example. Our walnut poseur tables and stools add a feeling of decadence, while our round banqueting tables and linens are sumptuous and perfect for those formal dining events.


In addition to the type of furniture you use, the finish is also very important. On this occasion, the gleaming white linens and white folding fan back chairs complemented the bright and airy room, bringing a modern, fresh feeling to the function - perfect for a fun lunch. We also have black linens available too, which are a favourite furniture rental choice for clients holding corporate occasions that require extra class and style.

Office elegance

When you’re looking for furniture for other premises, such as offices, receptions, waiting rooms and education institutions then we have office furniture that has light oak and rich walnut finishes. The light oak is a top choice for lots of companies that want premium and great looking desks and storage facilities, while our deep walnut is stylish and elegant - perfect for boardrooms, CEO offices and similar locations.


Another very effective way to contribute to the theme of your occasion, is to think about the textures you use. Lacy, heavy materials are a great choice when you’re striving for a vintage look, for instance, while bold lines and colours make eye catching and modern statements.

Our high gloss coffee tables and cube seating definitely fall into this category, with the sheen of the tables and strong lines of the leather cube seating contributing to a contemporary look.

The chrome finish found on a selection of our products, including our bistro tables and chairs, is another option for fashionable venues, and is functional too, thanks to the weatherproof veneer.

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