Strike A Pose! Can Tables Get Your Stand Noticed?

Strike A Pose! Can Tables Get Your Stand Noticed?

A city shopping mall was the recent location for a roadshow for all things technical, and we called in to photograph some of our chrome poseur tables that helped showcase products and services.

Building your business

There are lots of different ways to spread the word about your company and its services, and a very effective way is to get out there and make contact with those people who can make the biggest difference to your sales and brand awareness - your potential customers! We recently called in to a thriving shopping mall in London to see business entrepreneurs doing exactly this.

All those exhibiting and showcasing products came from the technical sector, examples include a company offering figures made from 3D images of customers, to a website that can show you all the latest deals and offers from companies in your immediate area.

Bringing your roadshow to the masses...

Having access to the internet means even the smallest company or fledgling business has access to millions of potential clients - but there are also other very effective ways to reach out and show off the unique selling points of your products and services. A roadshow involves a little more than an exhibition, which might just offer info about your organisation, whereas at a roadshow visitors get to see items in action. Choosing where to hold these kinds of events takes some thought and here are a few tips on what you can consider.

1. Be inventive

Venues that are especially designed for events might be just the location you need for your roadshow, but you’re also free to be as creative as you’d like when it comes to the location for your event. With multi-purpose premises, you’re likely to get footfall from those who have tickets, but you might miss out on potential clients who haven’t heard about your event. Being inventive can really help to make contact with this group, and like our recent client why not look at large, busy location that naturally experiences lots of visitors. These include shopping malls, town squares, markets and parks.

2. Getting the right purpose-built venue

When you do choose a purpose-built venue, then there are many options available. Many these days are exceptionally spacious and ready to receive your branding - perfect when events are large, as they can accommodate lots of visitors and often have food and drink outlets in place ready for guests to refresh and get back to all the action. But, you don’t have to go large, in fact you’re also free to choose smaller locations that could put you closer to a natural client base.

For example, of you roadshow features children’s products perhaps school gyms would suit you better, or if you’re launching kitchen equipment then a catering college could work well, while camping innovations could benefit from being held in holiday parks. We have all the furniture hire products you could require for any location or event, from chrome poseur tables, to high stools, modular tables, stretch barriers and much, much more.

3. Location matters - so does TIMING!

Maximising footfall is a fantastic way to introduce your company to lots of people, and for this location is important - but so is timing. Another way to potentially reach more future customers, is to schedule your event during busier periods. Our latest customer booked their roadshow during half term for example, meaning the shopping centre was busier than usual.

You can also consider having your event closer to other holidays, such as bank holiday breaks, and events too. So, by organising your occasion near a festival, large entertainment/sporting function or at a specific time of year, your products and services could quickly become very well known.

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