When British Fashion Got Butt-iful

When British Fashion Got Butt-iful

Some wonderful sights were seen at a recent event, including a collection of kids’ pants with famous political figures printed on them.

The smell of success?

Taking place in London, the occasion gave a very talented collection of exhibitors a chance to show off and sell their unique products. There were many different tradesmen and women there, from those selling childrens’ moccasins, handmade perfumes, jewellery and much more. As well as fantastic craftsmanship, all these sellers had another very important thing in common, and that’s the fact the products were all designed or manufactured right here in the UK.

Beautiful & British

The entire event focused on promoting beautiful items made to very high standards to buyers, strengthening the idea that buying British means you get top quality goods. A premium event such as this requires a stunning venue, and organisers found the perfect location in central London - a landmark Victorian building previously used as a glass and lead works. We’re delighted to have helped out with the furniture hire needs of our client, supplying black stretch barriers to mark out safe passageways in the venue.

Values we’re familiar with...

We’re also pleased to reveal that we support the values of buying British, as many of our chair and table rental products are manufactured in the UK. There are lots of benefits to purchasing items made in Britain, and here are a few of our favourite reasons!

1. Share the wealth

Economics can be a complex matter, but put in a simple way, when we buy items from British manufactures, UK firms make a profit. This helps boost the finances of these companies, which can aid expansion. When a company has a bigger budget, it can create more job opportunities for people living in the same region. Supporting smaller businesses by buying their goods also allows them to compete more strongly with bigger companies. So choosing British can have very positive and wide implications for many of us.

2. Shake your booty

Once a certain style becomes fashionable then many of us may want it, from the latest car, chic dress or trendy shoes. This is when mass produced items are very useful, because we can get what many others have. But when you want something that is fashionable yet feels more original, then buying local might be just what you need. Like the exhibitors at this event, lots of British manufacturers concentrate on making premium goods that also offer a personal touch. One example is the supplier who decorated their stand with kid’s bloomers bearing the faces of well known UK figures, including Boris Johnson and Margaret Thatcher. Buying British might just mean you get to see a Boris on a butt!

3. Keep it cool?

There’s another very important reason for buying from manufacturers in this country - it’s better for the environment. Purchasing goods made in the UK cuts haulage and transport costs that could mount up when they are shipped in from overseas. Like in other Western countries, British companies have to abide by certain rules and regulations that aim to limit the release of carbon, which can have a massive impact on the environment. As you can see, there are a huge variety of reasons buying British is a great idea - and we wish all the exhibitors at the recent event many, many prosperous years ahead.

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