Could This Pizza Tell Your Future?

Could This Pizza Tell Your Future?

A prediction on your future is just one of things you could expect after ordering a pizza, and much, much more going by a recent exhibition!

Prize packaging

We were lucky enough to visit a recent furniture hire customer of ours who was helping exhibit some of the world’s quirkiest, most interesting and artistic pizza boxes ever created. We supplied some ropes and poles that were used for the exhibits. For many of us, the box is something we discard soon after tucking into the delicious Italian creation, but for Scott Wiener it’s a completely different story.

Want a pizza art?

From the US, Scott has a love of all things pizza, and this doesn’t end at the food itself. In 2008 the American started collecting pizza boxes in earnest, and now has so many that he’s broken the Guinness World Record for owning the most across the globe, with his trove exceeding 750. He reveals that on a trip to Israel he noticed that the boxes were different colours to the ones he was used to in the States, and this got his appetite going for them.

Gastronomic gallery

We went along to a recent exhibition in London featuring an eye-catching, quirky and very arty selection of boxes from his range, and here are some of our favourites…

1. Pizza with a prediction…

One of the most stand out designs we saw at the gallery was a box that looked like a Ouija board. Commonly appearing in scary movies as a spooky way to connect with the ‘other’ side and make ghastly predictions, you might get more than you bargained for where this box is concerned. The perfect accompaniment to a night in with a horror movie, or to try and predict next week’s lottery numbers!

2. Family favourite

We have to agree with Scott when it comes to one very special box that really caught our eye. It’s hard to beat the Simpsons when it comes to family entertainment, and what a better match for watching a show like this, than a pizza in a box bearing the likeness of Homer and Bart Simpson on it. The avid collector holds this exhibit up as one of his favourites and actually found it in a bin in Amsterdam before rescuing it and making it part of his Guinness World Record collection.

3. Anarchy to order?

Food packaging is something we don’t usually keep hanging around, and rarely is it something edgy and pretty cool! We think once you’ve laid eyes on Scott’s Sid Vicious pizza box you might change your mind about what your food comes in… from monotonous to rebellious. As a singer and guitarist with punk group the Sex Pistols, Sid can add mayhem to your margarita, chaos to your cheese feast and punk spirit to your pepperoni!

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