Can These Crazy Commutes Cut Your Carbon?

Can These Crazy Commutes Cut Your Carbon?

An environmentally friendly commute doesn’t mean getting rid of your car in 2015, or other technology, it can mean the opposite.

Comfort factor included…?

Trading your car or motorbike for pedal power or walking is a simple way to make your daily commute a little greener, but this probably won’t work for you when you’re short on time. Following our visit to a low carbon technology client of ours who hired our Keeler chairs and high back stools, we did some research and came up with some great ways to cut the carbon in your commute, and what’s more, they’re quite speedy too!

1. Go smooth with a Segway

By now most people have an idea what a Segway is, but not many of us have actually tried them. They’re thought of as a greener travel alternative because they use an electrically powered battery to run. Created in 2001 by Dean Kamen they feature a board set between two wheels, with a central pole and handlebars.

A smooth and simple design, users learn to control the 12.5 mph speed with balance and turn using buttons on the handle bars. These currently appeal to more niche markets in the UK but in other countries, like Israel, there are designated areas for using them.

2. Easy rider on the glider?

When you want a commute where you get a bit of fresh air too, the Segway is a good choice, and so is the easyglider from OZO. This looks a little bit like half a bike with some extra sex appeal, and speed thrown in too. It features a rechargeable motor that drives a central wheel at 12 mph, and the best bit, you can use it in combination with other items. The company has great imagery of people gliding, swerving and turning tricks on skateboards and roller blades, with the help of the easyglider. The in-built lights and sound system can turn your boring commute into something a bit more exciting.

3. One to Tango

If you can’t do without your car, there are still some low carbon technologies that can suit you. Also from OZO, the makers describe this electric vehicle as a cross between a motorbike and a car. It offers all that you’d expect from a motor, such as climate control, a very comfy seat, safety and stability, but speed and agility that you’d normally associate with a bike.

The Tango looks like a car, but it has the attitude of a motorbike. It’s just 8 ft 5 inches long, 39 inches wide and 60 inches in height, making it easier to park, drive through congested traffic and the fact it can go 0-60 mph in four seconds means you’ll be more than keeping up with the vehicles around you!

4. Blowing in the wind…

When it comes to low carbon technology, a lot of new developments rely on making power from environmentally friendly sources - like sun, waves and wind - or recycling waste. Mercedes recently revealed a very creative way of using wind for power. Instead of turbines, they explained how a multi-voltaic paint has been created for use on cars. It’s mysterious make-up allows the paint to use wind as a power source - meaning in one way you might own a car that actually runs on air!

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