Could This Be The Best Day Out Ever?

Could This Be The Best Day Out Ever?

School holidays just got even more fun and you’ll wish you were school-age again when you hear about our latest site visit.

A sunny delight

A sunny location at a prestigious south London school was the recent location for a summer-long camp aimed at nursery and school age youngsters. Put a group of kids together and add in some activities will surely create fun times, but this particular camp goes above and beyond every single day, so children not only thoroughly enjoy themselves, but they also make friends, develop new skills and eat really healthily too!

Banishing the B-word...

When the school terms come to an end, and weeks of free-time stretches in front of children, they may well be very excited at this prospect, but boredom can also set in! Our client has been providing day camps for three to 16-year-olds for 34 years, and they offer residential and day activities across the UK. Following our recent site visit we thought we’d highlight three ways day camps give youngsters an all-round amazing experience…

1. Up the activities

Parents, teachers and anyone working with younger and older kids will be very familiar with the term ‘I’m bored’... and they’ll also know that the trick of entertaining children is variety and making sure there’s no monotony to their pastimes. Our client is a specialist in this area, and across their multiple sites they offer around 40 activities.

Sunny structure

Even the location we visited featured an indoor swimming pool, sports hall, a theatre, an arts and crafts studio, archery ranges, outdoor track and playing fields and much more. To provide structure, kids are grouped via their ages and are able to try up to 6 activities a day, with each day scheduled to feature different pastimes - no room for boredom here!

2. Refueling stops

Kids seem to have boundless energy, but believe it or not this can start to wane! We were delighted that the furniture hire products we supplied helped our client to provide comfy dining areas for day campers. As you can see from our pics, 80 of our white folding fan back chairs, and ten of our 1830mm rectangular banqueting tables were set up right by the playing fields, providing outdoor dining for the organisation’s healthy lunches. What’s more our folding chairs are also weather resistant, so even if there was a spell of rain, they only needed to be wiped dry before use.

3. Flexibility

Offering different activities for different ages makes sure that whether those attending day camps are three or 15-years old there’s a day of fun ahead. This kind of flexibility caters to everyone, and another way the camps are flexible is that parents can book slots that reflect their child care requirements, from individual days, to blocks of days/weeks. We understand this need for customers to shape a service that suits them, which is why we offer short and long term furniture rental periods, as well as deliveries 24/7 across the entire mainland UK.

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