90 Years Young & Going Strong

90 Years Young & Going Strong

An event we attended showed us that reaching 90 years of age can be a fun, entertaining time packed with dancing, dining and decadence.

Get the wartime spirit!

The historic Hop Exchange near London Bridge was the venue for the 90th birthday celebration of Southwark Chamber of Commerce. And we helped out by supplying our Chiavari chairs and 1830mm round banqueting tables. It wasn’t the first time the organisation has used the location. The group actually had their offices here in the early 20th Century until the premises were hit by bombs during the blitz.

Chamber of success

The fact that the chamber existed in this area from 1924 is a reflection of all the industry in the borough. For hundreds of years many businesses set up and thrived in this location, attracted by the nearby bridge, which was the only Thames crossing for centuries. Southwark continues to support companies, with the area becoming very diverse in recent times, with restaurants, hotels, media groups and tourist attractions setting up among the older warehousing and industrial centres.

Go local

Southwark Chamber of Commerce focuses on promoting trade interests for all its members and much more! Organisations like this can have a big positive impact on your business and if you’re looking for even more reasons to link up with your local group, check out our top reasons for doing so...

  • Want to be small but loud?

The majority of new businesses start small, working hard to expand and grow, but in today’s climate this can be tougher than ever for smaller firms, with Statistics Brain revealing that up to half of new businesses don’t reach the five-year mark. Joining a chamber of commerce means that even the needs of fledging firms can be heard in the upper reaches of the government. This is because, like Southwark’s group, many organisations of this type lobby on behalf of their members, raising awareness of issues and even impacting on policies and regulations that affect local businesses.

  • Take the work out of networking

Going to general networking events can be a bit hit and miss, and may not result in the contacts you want. When your local chamber of commerce schedules events like this, they’re a fantastic opportunity for firms in your area to meet. This gives you the chance to compare marketing strategies and much more. Working together to promote each other, and putting together campaigns to encourage clients to use your services and those of your fellow chamber members can boost the business of the area as a whole.

  • Build your business budget

Networking can build those all-important bridges with companies in your area. Boosting contacts in this way can have a great impact on your company, but increasing your knowledge of business processes as a whole is also essential to running a modern firm. As times change, and advertising/marketing increasingly relies on the web, keeping up with these types of developments can keep you and those in your chamber of commerce ahead of the game.

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