What Top 5 Unusual Investments Do You Own?

What Top 5 Unusual Investments Do You Own?

Foreign exchange is one of the world’s most active trading markets, although there are many weird and wonderful products out there to invest in!

Get Walnut - Get Tasteful

Our client recently ordered walnut poseur tables and a pinboard screen for their foreign exchange-related event at a sophisticated London venue. As you can see from the images the location was really tastefully decorated and the wooden flooring and large windows looking out into the financial sector added to the ambiance even more.

Everyday investments?

Foreign exchange sees currency being bought or sold depending on whether they are forecast to strengthen or weaken, and it provides investment opportunities for many people across the globe. This is just one way people and businesses try and boost their income, but there are lots more markets, products and services that are proving lucrative for investors as we’ve recently found out…

1. POW!

Comic books tend to be well loved publications. They appeal to adults, kids and teenagers alike, and often get a cult following. It’s partly because these kinds of publications were read endlessly from cover to cover, shared with friends, or left in dusty piles where they disintegrated that they’ve proven so great to invest in. There are simply not many original comics left, and this applied perfectly to 50-year-old Action Comics No. 1, which featured Superman’s debut and sold for $1.5 million in 2010.

2. Money from… money?

It’s not just foreign exchange investors that look to money markets to increase their income. There’s another related product that has made millions for some. You might look at your loose change a little differently when you hear that one coin made a buyer $1.7 million! Of course it has to be the right kind of money to be bought for so much... money.

This particular example was a bronze 1943 Lincoln penny, and was very rare because at the time most coinage was made using zinc as copper was being preserved for products made for WWII. The mistake to cast this penny in bronze proved very worthwhile for the seller in 2010.

3. Play It Again

Instruments made well and cared for last for hundreds and hundreds of years. Depending on the make and quality some items have proven to be amazing investment opportunities. A great example is the 2005 sale of a Stradivari violin, which sold for £2.3 million. This is mainly because only 1,100 were created during the 17th Century, with only 650 surviving until this day. You may have to wait a few years until your new violin by a top manufacturer is worth much. much more than it is at the moment.

4. Pigs can fly…?

Some investments might not sound that rare, and maybe they’re not - instead they could have just seen a huge rise in popularity. Giving you the option to sell the product for a higher rate than you bought. In the US a type of pig - Lean Hogs - which saw a staggering 56.3 per cent gain in one year. This kind of pig is a prime source of pork-derived products in the US and shows how changing tastes could accrue large profits.

5. Selling ‘space’

In our homes and businesses alike we all try and make the most of the space available. We buy furniture that can fold for example, like folding chairs, or storage units to tidy clutter and leave areas neat and tidy. It probably comes as no surprise that one sector that’s seen significant increase is self-storage! Whether we use them to store our goods while we move homes or offices, or we simply have excess items for our living/working spaces, they’re handy, with some companies reporting 36.7 per cent gains. It seems we’re a country of hoarders, and there could be profit to be made from this and our desire to hang on to all we own.