Don’t Forget These Sport’s Party Essentials!

Don’t Forget These Sport’s Party Essentials!

Media offices in London were the recent location of a sport’s party that featured 120 of our very useful white folding fan back chairs.

They think it’s all over?

Major sporting tournaments give us all the perfect reason to arrange a special event in their honour. We got some great insights into all the necessary furniture hire equipment and other things you can get to make sure your event is a resounding success.

Is there life after football...

A wile back we visited a large venue in central London that was organising a screening of England’s last World Cup game. Most of the country must remember the outcome of this deciding match, where we lost 2 - 1 to Uruguay. Even if you’re not a football fan it’s hard to miss the excitement and anticipation that international tournaments bring to homes, workplaces, bars and many more locations where games like this are shown. They present a great opportunity to gather up colleagues, customers and friends to network, chat, relax and maybe see England’s performance in tennis, football or rugby improve… or not!

Your sport’s party must-haves:

At our recent site, we saw the main furniture rental essentials you can use to design a venue where your guests not only watch the games but get a chance to have fun too.

1. Don’t forget the right furniture!

Getting tables and chairs for your occasion is quite a straightforward point to remember, but it’s also essential to get the best rental chairs for your event. We have a selection that fit with all your needs and venues. Our white folding chairs for example are a great choice when you need to make the most of the room you have available, as they’re slightly narrower than other options, like our polyprop and stacking chairs.

Folding chairs fit

Our folding seats are also very light and can be stacked in large numbers on to pallets, so they’re ultra affordable to transport and quick to set up too. Our polyprop seating is also stackable, very robust and also straightforward to install, with both chair rental ranges attracting very cost effective pricing. We also have a range of folding banquet tables that can be set up in seconds and are great when you want robust steady surfaces to serve food and drink on.

2. Sound it out

Making sure everyone can see and hear all the sporting action is very important indeed. Those that can’t miss key goals, shots and volleys and also lose concentration in the match. As is clear from our photos of our recent client visit, a huge screen was put up that all guests couldn’t fail to miss. Seating could be easily arranged around this so all those coming to watch England play got a fantastic view. For any exciting major tournament like this, crowds can get very excited and shout along with all the action. Making sure you have a great sound system in place so everyone is able to hear clearly, above the the cheering, booing, ups and downs that comes with these types of matches!

3. Bring on the snacks!

Any kind of group activity like this benefits from food and drink being supplied. It adds a nice touch to occasions and means guests can enjoy longer functions without having to leave to get their own snacks and refreshments. Pick the best kind of fayre for your event so preparations and cleaning up doesn’t become too lengthy and over complicated. Buffet sandwiches, burgers and similar are perfect for those sporting events where there may not be much time for queuing and waiting for plates to be loaded by servers. Guests can also bring plates to their chairs to finish meals and get refreshed for the remainder of the match.

Bring on UEFA Euro 2016! We can't wait.

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