Simple Christmas Furniture Hire Guide 2015

Simple Christmas Furniture Hire Guide 2015

As the festive period is now well and truly upon us, it’s time to get those Christmas parties and events organised.

So at Furniture Hire UK, we’re here to give you a round-up of what you need to do to get your  furniture hire ticked off the Christmas preparation list this year and make your event a roaring success and certainly one to remember.

1. Size Up

Get the venue’s measurements so you can accurately calculate exactly how much space needs to be filled with chairs and tables. Whatever the specification, we’ve got tables of all shapes, sizes and compositions to fit your venue and event perfectly. Storable, stackable and collapsible are all options when it comes to choosing your furniture with us. And if your venue requires short, tall, rectangular or round tables, we’ve got them all to fit too. You won’t be disappointed with the range of chairs available to choose from either, as we have scoured manufacturers to bring you a diverse selection of stools, event chairs, office chairs and outdoor chairs.

2. Design it

You can’t beat a festive theme at Christmas. Whether it’s snowy and sleek white or traditional red and green to match traditional St Nicholas himself, we’ve got the tables and chairs to match. With a wide selection of furniture ranging from rustic, traditional and elegant finishes to sophisticated, glamorous and opulent styles, we’ve got it all to ensure your Christmas event gets the festive spirit underway.

3. Make Your Selection

Now you know the measurements and the theme, it’s time to peruse through the plethora of furniture to hire to select your favourite. With our table and chair ranges each boasting eight unique and sought-after styles and with a total of 80, and growing, different table and chair products in our online portfolio, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting whether your event would best suit a banquet, poseur or coffee table (or maybe even a mixture of all three!).

See a preview of the item you’re interested in, check its user rating, views its measurements and weigh up the price, all at the touch of a button. When you’re happy, simply add it your quote before continuing to browse or receive the full quote.

4. Speak To The Team

At Furniture Hire UK, we pride ourselves on always being there when you need us. First- class customer service, top-notch quality and speedy delivery all come as part of the package when you hire your furniture from us. So why not have a chat with one of our friendly customer service team members who can help you out.

5. Get It Booked

Booking your furniture hire this Christmas couldn’t be simpler with our price match guarantee and quick quote process. Once you’re happy, book online for simplicity and speed, and select the date and time you wish to receive your furniture. With 24/7 deliveries throughout mainland UK and the same or next day delivery, you’ll be all set for your Christmas event, all at the click of the button. 

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