Ways To Create The Perfect Exam Halls

Ways To Create The Perfect Exam Halls

After delivering 102 of our exam desks to the crypt of a church we saw how even the most unusual exam venue can be turned into a great space for assessments.

Just four steps to functional venues

There is a huge variety of exam sites that we visit throughout every year. Ranging from those in schools and workplaces, to further education assessments, such as those taken by medical students. We transported 102 of our folding exam tables to a London church, and we noticed that although the topics being assessed may vary, perfect exam halls shared lots of traits - and here is our guide to creating the best venues for your exam season!

1. Keeping it down

One thing is very certain - candidates will need a quiet, peaceful atmosphere to concentrate in when they are sitting exams. Not all buildings are soundproofed, especially if tests are taking place in older buildings, which might result in you booking different premises for assessments. This venue was a perfectly quiet location, in the crypt of a historic church! Although the location is based in a thriving area of our capital city, the basement was a perfect place for candidates sitting exams, thanks to building’s.

When you’re looking for a peaceful location for tests, first see if you can utilise other areas in your company - perhaps moving meeting rooms to other locations, for example.

2. Space it out

It’s likely to have happened before… you set out all your seating and exam tables, then realise that regulations require a specific distance between each candidate, and you haven’t got quite as much room as you first thought. Assessments invigilated in this way often need to follow certain regulations. Make sure you’re familiarised with all the ins-and-outs of arranging these types of exam halls so all the products you’ve ordered will fit perfectly into venues. Also, it’s worth remembering that we offer a full installation service, where we set up all our exam tables and seating, including our polyprop chairs and stacking chairs.

3. Clock It

Most students are likely to have put preparation into their exams. They’ll probably have completed several mock papers and have an idea of how much time they need to spend on each question. It’s crucial that every candidate gets a clear view of a clock so they’re able to keep track of time and complete questions in time. Although some students may wear watches, ensure clocks are present and large enough to be seen. This is essential requirement where many exam boards are concerned, but if your tests are more informal it’s a good idea to include clocks anyway.

4. Comfort counts

Many of these tips help candidates perform to their best ability. A peaceful venue and a visible clock ensure they’re able to concentrate and allows them to finish papers on time. It’s also crucial to make sure they’re comfortable too. Our folding exam tables are built with this in mind, which is why they have a slanted top, and a good gap between seating and the table. Candidates get a robust surface on which to lean, because it is angled in a way to support writing.

Exam seating you can afford

We also have a range of seating that is very popular for assessments, because of the comfort features they offer, and the fact they are cost effective too. Our black and blue polyprop chairs are exceptionally economical and have a contoured back and ventilation hole to keep candidates feeling cool. Our stacking chairs have premium upholstery and lumbar support, making them very comfortable indeed.

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