A FORS To Be Reckoned With! We Got Our Bronze Award!

A FORS To Be Reckoned With! We Got Our Bronze Award!

Being in the furniture hire industry is hard work, and so it’s such an honour to receive recognition for our endeavours from time to time. We’ve been working especially hard to achieve our FORS Bronze Certification. What’s that we hear you say?!

Well, FORS stands for the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme and is an accreditation that is awarded to fleet operators like us when we comply with their criteria and standards. Those standards are based on many factors, including safety, efficiency, lawfulness and environmental protection - all areas of our business we take extremely seriously.

Now, FORS Bronze Certification isn’t awarded to just anybody. There is a strict set of criteria that we were required to achieve, and so when it came to the day of our audit we knew we needed to be ready.

Achieving The Bronze Standard - Our Commitment To Our Customers

Our fleet of goods vehicles travel up and down the UK every single day, and we need to ensure they are fit for the road and that we follow a very comprehensive safety and performance process. From arranging progressive training for our drivers to monitoring vehicle performance and keeping our insurances up to date, we are serious about our logistical operations.

There is more to running a delivery service than meets the eye. Here are just some of the things we need to do on a daily basis, and often before a single vehicle can hit the road:

  • First use checks of vehicles before each shift.
  • Record monitor and manage fuel and tyre usage.
  • Ensure that all vehicles over 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight are fitted with safety equipment to protect vulnerable road users.
  • Ensure that all licences and qualifications of drivers are checked before driving and then at least every six months.

In carrying out these checks and procedures, we can ensure that we not only maintain our FORS accreditation, but that we ensure the safety of our staff and others on the road, and continue to deliver the best service for our customers.

And It Doesn’t Stop There - We’re Going For Gold!

We were delighted to receive our FORS Bronze Award, but being a tenacious and competitive organisation, we are far from finished when it comes to proving our excellence and credibility within the industry! We’ve really got the bit between our teeth now and we’ll be progressing towards achieving both Silver and Gold Accreditation. Watch this space!