Wedding Venues in Kent

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We have compiled a list of the finest wedding and reception venues right here in Kent.

Whilst organising one of the most important days in your life is incredibly exciting it can also be a daunting and overwhelming task. Our wedding venue guide lists over 100 venues, all in alphabetical order and clearly shows the minimum and maximum capacity of wedding guests. A vital starting point of the planning process.

Choosing your wedding venue is generally the biggest expense as it encompasses the venue itself as well as the wedding breakfast you’ll be serving.

Take a deep breath. It’s tough finding the wedding venue that is right for you – but when you know, you’ll know. You’ll fall in love with what you see, you’ll get butterflies in your stomach and you’ll visualise yourself celebrating your big day there. Enjoy every second.

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Kent Wedding Venues and Capacities

Wedding Venue Location Capacity
Bilsington Festival Fields Ashford 450
Eastwell Manor Ashford 150
Frasers Ashford 150
Holiday Inn Ashford - Central Ashford 100
Holiday Inn Ashford North Ashford 120
Odo's Barn Ashford 150
The Secret Garden Ashford 150
Broome Park Barham 10-250
Swarling Manor Barham 20-120
The Night Yard Barham 240
Winters Barn Barham 15-200
The Pilgrims Rest Battle 2-90
Beckenham Public Hall Beckenham