Hundreds of Blue Stacking Chairs

Hundreds of Blue Stacking Chairs

Some designs work exceptionally well and therefore stand the test of time. Many of these designs are thus very familiar to us. One of these designs is that of this familiar Blue Stacking Chair design. With its robust chrome coated steel, oval tube, frame and comfortable blue upholstered soft seating (also available in black) it is both durable and comfortable. Furthermore, this model can be stacked up to 5 high, convenient for storage or for quickly clearing a previously seated area.

This seat is perfect for a multitude of situations, ranging from everyday office or classroom use to bigger events that require a large amount of seating at a reasonable price and with all the convenience that this model brings. The starting price for this model is £2.99 per week, with generous discounts for bulk orders.

Complimentary Products

Naturally, a chair such as this would be perfectly complimented by many of our wide array of tables for hire. Planning on using the chairs for a meeting area? Then our Medium Sized Meeting Table may be just the thing you need. Perhaps you plan to cater for a larger number of people. Then our Large Sized Meeting Table or Horseshoe Meeting Table may be more suitable for your needs.

Why Hire?

Time is a precious commodity that not many of us have enough of. Therefore, not many people want to be waiting around for their furniture before they can run an event or meeting. That is why Furniture Hire UK will arrange with you a time and a place for your furniture to be delivered, and then get it to you when you need it. This is just one of the many advantages of furniture hire. 

Many businesses and organisers choose furniture hire over the purchasing of large quantities of furniture to allow them to budget more efficiently and to negate the need to store furniture that is only needed for a limited period of time. Why be overcharged for a large number of chairs that you may only want for a limited period of time? Furniture hire is very often the more economic option.

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