High Quality Conference Furniture

High Quality Conference Furniture

Rent Quality Tables

When you have an important conference coming up in your office. It is essential that you create a professional, but welcoming atmosphere for any guests. To do this you will need conference furniture that gives off a modern vibe and is also functional and comfortable. At Furniture Hire UK we provide furniture that offers all of these attributes.

For any conference is essential that you have a comfortable and practical table. Our Large Sized Meeting Table will succeed in providing you with this. This table can comfortably sit up to 16 people so is perfect for when you have a larger sized meeting or conference.

If you are ever holding a smaller conference or meeting, then you can easily decrease the size of the table to cater for this. This table will give your office a very professional and modern look and create the right setting for an important conference. This table is also comes at an unbeatable price of only £40.91 per week. (based on 11 week hire)

Complementary Furniture We Offer

To complete the professional environment you are looking for, you will also need some high quality chairs. Furniture Hire UK can also provide you with chair hire. Someimtes conferences can go on for long periods of time so it is essential that you provide employees and clients with comfortable chairs.

Our chair, the Black Stacking Chair is perfect for any conference. It is a traditional style conference chair, but still holds a very modern feel. It is very stylish and will fit into any office setting. When the chairs are not in use they can be stacked up to five chairs high, saving you vast amounts of storage space. This chair is made to a very high quality and are upholstered on the seat, back and reverse. The black colour will also fit into any surrounding. This chair can be hired for only £2.75 per week.

Why Hire Furniture?

You may be wondering why you should hire furniture, and not just buy it outright. There are many advantages to hiring furniture rather than buying it. The main benefit of hiring furniture is the fact that it is so much cheaper than buying it for a whole office.

At Furniture Hire UK the more furniture you hire from us, the less you will pay. This will hugely benefit you when you are buying furniture for a large office. The other main advantage of hiring furniture from us is that it can be sent back to us for replacement at any time.

This means that if you fancy giving your office a make over, it can be done quickly and completely stress free. All you need to do is give us a ring on 0844 567 5744 and everything will be sorted out for you hassle free.

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