Our Client’s Secret

Our Client’s Secret

Style never goes out of fashion, at a recent event we saw how this applies to the style of your venue too - so what was our client’s secret…

Let it all flow

When you think crowd control, large groups of visitors might come to mind, but even smaller occasions can benefit from having the flow of visitors managed. We recently paid a visit to a client setting up a deluxe retail event, and photographed our barriers as they helped guide smaller groups of people where to stand.

Top three reasons your event needs crowd control barriers...

Our chrome stretch barriers are used for many different occasions, and some of the most popular ones include large sporting or entertainment events. We’re really pleased to be able to show the other side to our crowd control posts, and we’ve put together a short guide how they can also be used for your smaller event too!

1. They maintain the premium vibe

Many events are about much more than the main focal point. Whether guests have come to buy your products, enjoy entertainment or listen to expert speakers at a conference, it’s the overall experience that matters. When you choose to install stretch barriers at your event, then you can make sure queues flow smoothly and people can be directed throughout your venue with ease. This isn’t only an issue for large venues, some smaller venues benefit from barriers just as much as bigger ones. Even just a few barriers can keep queues orderly and help to maintain a professional and orderly vibe to your functions.

2. Polite reminders are nicer - and cost less

Any venue organiser knows that there are areas where visitors can and can’t go. Some no-go areas might include spaces around precious exhibits, staff rooms or other parts of the premises hosting entirely different events. Rather than employing security for every part of the venue that is designated no-go, you can simply install chrome stretch barriers and guests can quickly see that these areas are off-limits. It also helps maintain the professional and friendly vibe of your function, as visitors don’t have to be continually reminded to stay in specific locations - they’re able to see this for themselves.

3. Put smaller spaces to great use!

Whether you’re expecting large or smaller crowds, making sure they know where to enter, exit and queue in your venue makes visiting your event really smooth in terms of crowd management. But using crowd control posts means that you also making a fantastic use of space. Rather than having very long, winding queues, that can quickly fill rooms and confuse people on where they are in the line, barriers take smaller rooms and turn them into easy to see queuing locations.

This applies to any size venue, but when premises are a bit smaller then you can really maximise your space with these online furniture hire products.

Chrome is just the beginning...

In addition to the chrome stretch barriers you can see in the photographs here, we also stock a line with a black finish, when you want smart, professional elegance. For those VIP functions, you’re able to order our chrome posts with red ropes. These are a great addition to premium parties and clubs, and look fantastic around our red carpets!

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