We’re Back From The Future!

We’re Back From The Future!

We were delighted to take a trip into the deep realms of science fiction recently at one of the biggests events of its kind in the world when a client ordered 60 black pinboard screens and 250 of our white folding fan back chairs.

A galaxy away

We’ve had years of experience visiting different events and venues to chat with our customers and take photos of our furniture rental products so you can see how versatile they can be. And this was our first trip into the future! Well, of course we didn’t actually become the first furniture hire company to travel in time, but we really felt like we were far away from present times.

The world’s most unique car park?

You only have to check out one artist’s vision of a part of England following an apocalyptic event. Instead of picking well known buildings that may slide into dereliction or decay, Nick Cobb picked a site he found very familiar - Peckham car park in 2114, in order to highlight how all areas of cities and towns could possibly change in this way, not just the ones that are well known.

International authors use our booths

Among visions of an apocalyptic future, there were many other displays including characters dressed as they appear in manga comics and a chair that looked like it had been formed from bones - we’re not sure how popular these would be as a furniture hire product! We were delighted to see that our black pinboard freestanding screens were used for several VIP booths for internationally acclaimed writers, such as John Clute, Robin Hobb and the late, highly regarded Iain M. Banks, to name but a few.

Cubicles that are a world away...

From our pics you can see how the booths were transformed into their own little worlds, with some featuring handmade pigeons, benches and mannequins. These VIP areas gave fans of science fiction the chance to meet with their literary heroes and chat with them over the course of the event, while fans of Iain M. Banks could take in the atmosphere of a booth inspired by his life and works.

Seating... coming to a future near you!

As well as 60 of our black freestanding screens, our client also selected 250 of our white folding fan back chairs as an add-on to their original order. Like with large events of this kind, where up to 8000 people could attend, event management can be quite a fluid process. 

Emergency seating - for all eras...

Realising that additional seating was required, our customer called us up to increase their order so there was enough chairs to go around, and we were delighted we could help out at the last minute. Visiting such a creative and busy event was a great experience for our team, and getting a peek at our furniture in this world and many others was a fantastic opportunity! Simply get in touch if you’d like to arrange furniture rental for this dimension, and perhaps even others…

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