Was This The Ultimate Furniture Hire Challenge?

Was This The Ultimate Furniture Hire Challenge?

One of our clients asked us to deliver 3000 stacking chairs to a complex site in Kent - and here's how we rose to the challenge!

What happens when our customers go large...

We take all kinds of orders for many different clients, some might feature just a couple of our natural fabric sofas on a long-term hire for example, while others require thousands and thousands of furniture rental products for a shorter length of time.

You’re in safe hands

Each order is unique, and has different transport and logistical needs. Whether you need a smaller amount of furniture, or a huge delivery like our latest client, we will make sure you get the items you need, when and where you require them. We have a dedicated in-house operations team, in addition to a customer services department and experienced transport team who use all their knowledge and skills to create a great furniture hire service.

We love logistics

We relished the opportunity to put together a logistical plan to ensure that 3000 of our black and blue stacking chairs were smoothly moved from our London warehouse to a large site in Kent.

1. Stagger - not like Jagger!

By stagger, we’re not referring to a kind of unstable stroll with your furniture hire products, far from it! When we say stagger, we’re actually referring to the manner in which we often make these types of large deliveries. It’s natural that 3000 stacking chairs will be placed on a variety of our large lorries, but this doesn’t mean they’re all scheduled to arrive around the same time. We’ve seen how sending out products across several days is of particular benefit when the orders are huge. This gives you the time to install them at your own pace, and don’t forget we have a full set up service, so when you choose this option we’ll put all your furniture rental choices right where they’re required.

2. Stacking is simple

Individually our stacking chairs weigh 6.6kg each - so they’re not difficult at all to lift and put into place on sites. As you can imagine, when you setting them up in large batches, they’ll weigh a good bit more. A feature of this chair that really helps when it comes to moving around seating is that it can be stacked, just as the name suggests. Loading them up on chair trolleys allows them to be swiftly moved around venues.

This was a great benefit on this particular occasion as our chairs were spread throughout a large religious site that provided big areas for talks, celebrations and worship.

Get high

As well as being able to stack and move our conference chairs easily, you’re also able to store them economically, because they can be stacked ten high when they’re not in use. For events like this, or any occasion when you require seating quickly, or for extra visitors, then our stacking chairs are ideal - and we haven’t even mentioned yet how comfortable they are. Thanks to the premium grade upholstery, they provide hours and hours of comfy support, fantastic for meetings, conferences and conventions where visitors may stay seated for long lengths of time.

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