Storage Hire Guide

Storage Hire Guide

A cluttered desk, a work surface with papers that need to be filed, folders that have been misplaced or dropped at random onto the floor around your desk, it is an unprofessional and unsightly image but an unfortunate scenario that often occurs in offices that do not have appropriate storage. This type of problem can be easily rectified by choosing to opt for the most economical and space saving options, something which is more than achievable if you opt for furniture hire. Not only does furniture hire give you the freedom to be able to obtain furniture according to the needs of your business at any particularly moment in time but it also means that you can choose to add more or less items to your office space according to the continuing needs of your business.

At Furniture Hire UK you can source exactly what you need in a fraction of the time it would take to plough through and search what is often a complex retail market trying to source furniture that will often become outdated or unnecessary. The advantages of furniture hire mean you can build and construct your corporate environment in a way that will compliment the growing needs of your business.

We have a large selection of furniture to meet these needs whether storage is required for small or large areas we have a great range of cabinets, desk drawers and cupboards that will meet all your storage needs. Our two drawer filing cabinet can be placed in any area of your office and not look out of place the space inside is big enough to accommodate up to 40kg of suspension file carrying capacity per drawer, which makes this type of filing cabinet a popular option for storing files and other documents. This cabinet is also available as a four drawer filing cabinet both of which have an anti tilt lock mechanism. Our double door cupboard is also a great storage option, enabling easy storage of books, files and other documents you can choose what size you want to hire according the amount of storage space you require.

If you require a different style of cabinet you might want to opt for one our wooden pedestal cabinets we have a desk high pedestal cabinet that is robust and sturdy yet very elegant. It comes complete with metal handles and is also fully lockable. We also have a two drawer mobile pedestal that is a great option if you need to move things around and alternate your placement of other items of furniture. It is also fully lockable and looks great beside any desk or in anyreception area.

Most offices will require a book shelf in order to be able to accommodate stacks of books or files, our book shelves are very sturdy and tough and are great for displaying books or stacking away files and making the office environment look neat and tidy.  Modern offices often require some level of security for clients and other personnel we have a great two and four tier locker with rubber door buffers, they are the perfect choice for storing personal items and locking away private documents. Choose between light grey and silver they both look great in any office.  Also available for hire in this range we have a mobile caddy that facilitates easy transportation of secure items. It has a smart wooden beech top which gives the caddy a perfect finish and also means it will fit the style of most offices. Items can be stored inside or displayed on top of the caddy.

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