Low Metal Cupboard

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Low Metal Cupboard
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W:915 x D:460 x H:1020 mm | 23.00 kg

Key features:

  • Grey metal cupboard
  • Integrated espangolette locks
  • Ultra robust door stiffeners
  • Configure shelving to suit
  • Complete with 1 shelf
  • Taller cupboard available

1020mm Cupboards - The Perfect Storage Option For The Small Office

Are you looking for a storage cupboard for hire that offers excellent build quality and a range of storage options at a cost effective price?

Our 1020mm Double Door Cupboard is low level, secure, robust and affordable. When you hire your cupboard storage with Furniture Hire UK, you can be confident that the items you receive are of the highest quality and in perfect condition.  It’s just like buying your furniture new, but at a lower price.


  • Espagnolette locking mechanism.
  • Full length door stiffeners.
  • Accepts a range of internal fittings see below.
  • Internal accessories hired separately.

Key Benefits:

The longer you hire your furniture with us, the cheaper it gets. Whether you need to hire our 1020mm Double Door Cupboard for a few days, a few months or longer, we can supply any number and get them to you as quickly as possible. They are then yours until you decide to return them. 

Secure and robust

When it comes to robust and secure storage, the 1020mm Double Door Cupboard cannot be beaten. The full length door stiffeners ensure the doors stay strong and resist the dents  and bending that many cupboards of this type often suffer. If you have expensive or confidential items that you need to lock away, this cupboard has a lock and will ensure only the keyholder can gain access. 

Need bigger?

Planning your storage is another important consideration. That’s why we offer a range of internal accessories that can be fitted inside your cupboard. This allows you to work out where larger and small items will be placed and to get the most of your storage. We also offer a CAD design service that will really ensure you store your items effectively and efficiently.  And if you need larger storage, our 1830mm Double Door Cupboard complements its smaller cousin perfectly. We also have 2 and 4 drawer filing cabinets in stocked that are lockable for confidential documents.

The 1020mm Double Door Cupboard is perfect for any business looking to improve or add storage facilities. Available in a range of configurations, this cupboard allows you store files, stationery, computer items and many other essential office items. At the end of the day or when not being used, simply lock the doors and be confident that your items are safe and secure. 

Typical Uses:

Offices, receptions, hotels, home offices, libraries.


Metal storage cupboards can get dented easily. Will mine be good quality?

Metal storage cupboards can be prone to damage due to the design of their doors. The good news about our 1020mm Double Door Cupboard is that the door stiffeners give that essential support that will ensure your cupboard doors stay intact and dent-free. We check every item of furniture before it leaves our warehouse to ensure you receive only the best from Furniture Hire UK.

Can I order any number of storage cupboards from you?

Absolutely. We deal with thousands of customers each year and that means we need to keep our stock levels high. Whether you need to order one small storage unit for your office or you need a number of storage solutions across your entire workforce, we will have your items delivered to you as quickly as possible.