Chair Hire for Reception Areas

Chair Hire for Reception Areas

Chair Hire – Reception

When you arrive at a company the first point of entry will more often than not be reception, and one of the first things that most people are likely to do once they enter this area is look for a seat. They want comfort and style because this is where impressions are made, thus it is important that you get this area of your office space right.

The look and feel of your reception will go a long way to ensuring you give your clients the right impression of your business, if the area is untidy and full of clutter than obviously this will give a less than favourable impression of your business. Fortunately we have a great range of furniture hire options available that ensure you have suitable storage as well as comfortable and stylish furniture.

Range of Chair Hire Choices

Our range of chairs are varied and will suit all areas that require either neutral or bold tones, the colours, styles and sizes are all different and all pertinent to any office that requires a smart contemporary feel. If you want to give your reception area a real upmarket sophisticated style, then our range of sofas are the ideal choice for this area. The chic black leather makes them stand out as stylish and contemporary they are comfortable and introduce a real home from home snugness that is not only smart but professional.

Choose from either our one or two tub chairs, and really upgrade your reception area to reflect the quality of your business. Our corbusier sofas are equally sophisticated the sleek chrome frame adorning both these sofas mark them out not only for their style, but there quality and comfort.

Style Specific Chair Hire

We also have a fantastic range of style specific chairs, such as the Herman Miller chair which can be accommodated in any area of your office to add a touch of panache. The attractive style makes it a great addition to any reception area. Equally we have a wonderful range of executive chairs that can be placed alone in reception or as accompanying items of furniture for anywhere within the office, meeting rooms, small or large conference areas.

We have a varied selection with a great choice, many of them height adjustable and with padded seat backs and or tilt lock mechanism. Perhaps you need to build the reception area from scratch, if this is the case we can take the stress out of hours of endless searching and assist you by offering you a wide and varied choice of bespoke furniture that will allow you to construct the perfect reception according to all your office needs. 

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