London Table Hire Guide

London Table Hire Guide

London Table Hire

Tables have a long and varied history which in their simplest form is quite intriguing, there are an abundance of facts relating to the tables earliest format, all of which could make for a rather geek orientated read, however it is quite interesting to envisage their usage in a time when glass topped ensembles were not yet in production and before the inception of modernist variables that include such oddities as the one leg, which of course is no longer an oddity.

There is evidence to suggest that they were used by the Egyptians for storage, keeping objects off the floor to be deposited on a flat surface usually consisting of not much more than a stone platform, quite primitive but effective. They were also frequently used for games a tradition which continues to this day. Irrespective however of the tables origins in Eastern, Western and African societies tables have been utilised for a means to play, store or dine, and it was in fact the Greeks and the Romans who generated the populist use of tables that we now attribute to their more traditional usage, that of wining and dining.

Table Hire for all Events

Tables are however also incredibly useful for a number of other purposes, including conferences and exhibitions. At we have a superb range of conference and exhibition tables that are great for any event large or small. Our circular banqueting tables are available in various sizes and incredibly versatile in terms of ease of use and storage.

They are all collapsible and stackable making them a great space saving option. The complimenting banqueting chairs available in regal gold or silver are a perfect combination and create an ambience which can never be understated, with a choice of seat pads including red, royal blue, black, gold and cream you are sure to impress.

Hundreds of Rectangular Banqueting Tables

Our rectangular banqueting tables are equally versatile, available in a variety of sizes according to your needs, they are also collapsible and stackable with the added advantage that they cannot be collapsed accidentally, unlike more flimsy or fragile trestle tables.

If you need a quick assemble easy clean table then our white plastic rectangular banqueting tables are ideal. Similarly if you are holding a conference or meeting then our selection of modular meeting room tables are a great table hire choice. You can even create your own bespoke conference area, matching our d-end modular meeting tables you can create a space as large or small as you want.

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