Accessories For Storage

Accessories For Storage

Accessories for Storage

Whether you have just moved to your office or are thinking about adding or restyling the layout of your office you will have a number of things you will need to address regarding storage.

It is one of the most pressing issues for businesses, where and how to store your files, books and other paraphernalia smartly and efficiently, with the aim of causing minimum disruption to the rest of the office. Items that are badly or inefficiently stored can make the office look cumbersome and give an unprofessional impression.

Why Hire Storage Items

There are often a number of reasons you will need storage space and addressing these issues with the minimum amount of stress is important, it enables you to devote the rest of your time and energy to other things that are more pressing. Whether you need storage for personal or professional reasons, because you are re-decorating, re-arranging and or moving you will need a variety of furniture items, which is why is the ideal place to source your furniture. We have an extensive range of furniture hire options that will suit all your professional or personal needs.

Mobile Storage

Our mobile pedestals are the perfect storage furniture hire items and will fit into any work space without looking out of place. They are available in white a great neutral colour that will sit perfectly with other furniture or why not opt for the wood style finish.

Fully Lockable for Security

They are both fully lockable affording you the option of added security. We also have a wonderful set of cupboards again available in a superb neutral grey, you can choose your height range. Both have double doors but with the advantage of being available in two sizes, small or large. They have a wonderful modern design and include an espangolette locking system.

Keep it Filed

Our two or four door filing cabinets are also great storage furniture hire items. They allow you to store a number of files, in fact each drawer has a forty kilo suspension file capacity meaning you can store a sufficiently large number of files, freeing up the rest of your office space so that you don’t have files and books lying around.

In fact we have a very impressive bookcase that looks very stylish and can be obtained either with the storage capacity of one shelf or three. They are strong and robust and the wooden finish allows you to place these book cases in any office, business or home irrespective of your current decor. Whatever your storage needs we have a whole range of quality furniture hire items to choose from.

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