Wooden Storage Hire Guide

Wooden Storage Hire Guide

A muddled desk is a muddled mind, or is it a cluttered desk a cluttered mind? Whatever the proverbial musing, there is no doubt that there is plenty of substance to the adage and that being in an environment that is messy and full of clutter makes for a less productive work place. If you have nowhere to deposit files and boxes then the untidiness increases.

Storage Hire

The piles of un-housed boxes, files and papers grow bigger and in some cases higher, until it is near impossible to view the rest of your office space, and in some cases even your colleagues, save peering over the mountain of paper work or pushing it to one side where is sits, hovering between the edge of your desk and the floor, accumulating more papers and more files.

Quick, Easy and Affordable Storage Hire

If this sounds familiar then you are not alone, there is however not only a quick and easy solution but an affordable one. At FurnitureHireUK.com we have a great range of storage furniture hire options that will take the stress out of your working day, enabling you to concentrate not on moving one pile of papers to the first available space you can find but on working in an environment that is clutter free and tidy.

Mobile Storage

We have a great selection of two drawer mobile pedestals that are fully lockable. They are available as either smooth white or wood style, both are great for storing documents and files. Our two drawer filing cabinet is also a great storage facility and comes equipped with a forty kilo suspension file carrying capacity and anti tilt lock mechanism. If you require something a little taller, for all that extra paper work or just miscellaneous items then the four door filing cabinet, is smart and efficient and can be placed anywhere in the office to hold those extra files.

Hire As Many As You Require

The beauty of these products is that you can hire as many or as few as you want, because they complement each other perfectly. Our storage cupboard range is equally vast and efficient with a number of sizes available for you to house your office items and other paraphernalia. You can choose tall, short, wide or slim each have their own espangolette locking mechanism for extra security. Other useful items in this range include our wooden bookcases, which can be hired to cater for either two or three shelf capacity storage.