Pick Up A Picnic Table?

Pick Up A Picnic Table?

We’re really excited to reveal that some new products have just joined our range - just in time for the great summer weather!

British Summer Beware!

Summer is often a busy time for many companies as they take advantage of the heat and warmth. Lots of our customers choose this time to hold team lunches, corporate barbecues and festivals. We also attend sporting events, fairs and festivals to install our furniture. All these occasions require different furniture hire products and lots of them come from our outdoor range.

Seasonal Style

We have many different chair and table styles that can be used outside, from our chrome bistro tables and chairs to our white folding seating. Choice is very important when it comes to any kind of furniture rental and we’re delighted to announce that we’ve extended our range to include our picnic sets. We handpicked these because they offer fantastic features for use outside, and here are some of our favourite benefits…

     1. Why furniture that folds never gets old!

A large selection of our products fold, such as our chairs, tables and desks. It’s a feature that we’ve purposefully had manufactured in some of our items simply because it really adds to their convenience. When an item can be folded it has time saving benefits for storage and set up. Furniture that can be made flat are easier to stack and move around so you can transport bigger batches around venues to set up, and if you’re storing products, then they don’t take up as much room. This is also true of our picnic tables and seating, which folds completely flat with the benches fitting neatly inside the table.

     2. Get weather clever

Whenever an outdoor event is planned in the UK, many of us start hoping for great weather. When the sun shines there’s no worry about your guests, food or furniture getting rained on, which might result in a quick dash around the venue as visitors take cover. Most large events already have some kind of contingency plan in place if this happens and have marquees installed for any rain showers.

Even these might not be completely weatherproof, which is when our outdoor furniture becomes really useful. Our picnic sets are so rain resistant you can use them fully outdoors, or in marquees, tents or gazebos, basically wherever you need them! All that’s required after a shower is a wipe with a dry cloth.

     3. Get the Summer vibe… anywhere!

Outdoor events that we’ve supplied furniture to are many and examples include music festivals, smart corporate lunches and sporting events. All these had a different look and theme, and our picnic sets give you more opportunity to get the look you want for outdoor occasions. The white finish is a great Spring and Summer option, it’s fresh, light and complements picnics and events held outside really well. What’s more, if you wanted to bring a bit of a Summer feeling indoors then you’re free to install our picnic sets inside your venue too.