10 Eggstraordinary Facts About Easter

10 Eggstraordinary Facts About Easter

We don’t know about you, but here at the FHUK offices we are starting to get very eggcited about Easter, telling lots of funny yolks and getting cracking with our Easter preparations - okay, that’s probably enough Easter puns for one paragraph!

However, we did start looking into fun facts about Easter and it turned into a bit of a competition amongst the team. We thought we’d share some of our findings from this fun eggsercise with you. Sorry, that’s the last one we promise!

1. Did you know that the largest Easter egg hunt on record was held in Florida? The organisers hid 501,000 eggs and invited over 9,000 children to hunt them out. Lucky kids - that works out to 55 eggs each, if they found them all that is!

2. Ever wondered how much the most expensive egg in the world would go for? How about a cool £9 million? Faberge, the famous ornamental egg designers, crafted a very special egg covered in diamonds, but that’s not all. Upon the hour, the egg opens up and a jewelled cockerel pops up, nods its head, makes a crowing sound and flaps its wings. We think we might stick to the chocolate variety at that price!

3. Each child in the United Kingdom receives on average 8.9 Easter eggs every year - that’s double their calorie intake for an entire week! Still, it is only once a year.

4. Here’s one statistic that really got us talking. According to a recent study, when eating a chocolate bunny, 76% of eaters bite off the ears first, 5% opt for the feet and 4% go straight for the tail. So, which one are you? A quick straw poll across the office shows most of us to be bunny ear biters, so watch out bunnies!

5. Christmas can be an expensive time, but Easter certainly comes in at a close second. The average UK household spends £75 on Easter every year, and more if there are more children or chocolate lovers in the house.

6. Our cousins across the pond in the USA top the charts when it comes to Easter egg and bunny consumption. Over 91 billion eggs and 90 million chocolate bunnies hit the supermarket shelves as well as 16 million jellybeans which are often used to fill the eggs. If you were to put all of those jelly beans together, they would circle to Earth three times! Personally, we’d rather just eat them.

7. Sticking with the USA, the White House hosts its very own Easter Egg Roll on its front lawn every year. We were intrigued as to what an “Easter egg roll” might be, hoping that it was something we could eat! Unfortunately not, but it does sound like fun - it’s simply an egg race where the children push eggs through the grass using a long spoon.

8. The first chocolate egg in the UK was produced by Fry’s in Bristol in 1873.

9. Sales of chocolate at Easter time make up 10% of the entire year’s spend on chocolate.

10. The tallest Easter egg ever made was created in 2011 in Italy. It stood a whopping 10.39 metres and weighed in at a hefty 7,200 kg. It that’s hard to picture, it was heavier than an adult elephant and taller than a giraffe!

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