Cafe & Bistro Furniture

If you look outside you will see that, at long last, there are signs that spring is in the air and we will be able to start enjoying the outdoor life again. We can wander down our local high street, do some shopping and look forward to sipping a cappuccino sitting outside a cafe, watching the world go by. If you want to make sure that the first cafe shoppers choose is yours, then now is the time to smarten up your establishment to create a bright, contemporary environment that will be the most inviting to the public. The most practical and affordable way to achieve this is through furniture hire as you will be able to select the best products for your setting at a fraction of the cost of retail purchases. It is also a really flexible option as, for example, if a spell of hot weather arrives you can hire a few more chairs and tables to cope with the extra demand for that period. If you want to create a first class impression and ensure that your cafe or restaurant stands out from the crowd, then look no further than Furniture Hire UK. We have some delightful bistro chairs which are attractive, lightweight and easy clean, making them perfect for your outdoor area. Our Chrome Bistro chair to hire has a stylish aluminium frame, stacks 5 high when not in use and is on offer at the moment for a fantastic price, starting at a mere £5 per week so is a bargain not to be missed! We also stock a superb chrome bistro chair with an elegant wooden slotted seat which again would look great outside your establishment and provide a welcome, comfortable seat for shoppers to take the weight off of their weary feet! Or why not hire our equally attractive chrome bistro chair with a wicker seat which again is on special offer at Furniture Hire UK. We recommend that you complement these great chairs with our chrome bistro table to hire, which has an all weather aluminium finish and can be used both inside or outside your cafe or restaurant. If you are looking for a chair that really stands out from the rest, then it has to be our beech bistro chair to hire which has a lovely curved design and would create an extremely elegant area outside your cafe. These are just a selection of the great products that we have, so get in touch today to guarantee that your establishment is fully prepared for the welcome arrival of spring!