Bespoke Area with Freestanding Screens

Bespoke Area with Freestanding Screens

The freestanding screens we have for hire are suitable for a range of purposes, they can be useful in a variety of establishments from educational to corporate and or business functions.

For what purpose would you hire and use a freestanding screen?

Often the screens are used in educational establishments for separating desks or particular areas. They are also very useful when sitting exams when privacy between work spaces is required, and indeed have also proved extremely popular in offices.

In today's modern business environment more and more corporate clients are choosing freestanding screens as a smart and financially advantageous option for separating desks, or sectioning off particular areas that require a degree of privacy. They can however also be useful for creating a separate partitioning area, if for example you need to divide one area from another then the free standing screens are an extremely smart alternative to having to fully construct an expensive wall partition or similar.

What other advantages are there in hiring a freestanding screen?

Our freestanding screens are incredibly versatile and are often used for corporate events, exhibitions and conferences. They are a great addition to any event requiring a smart way to incorporate divisions within an existing space, and are fantastic for use in display areas.


Perhaps you need to show case a particular range of merchandise or simply need a smart backdrop for your conference or exhibition. The free standing screens are available in variable sizes making them a perfect screen hire choice, you are able to create the space you want according to your own specific size and height requirements. You can also choose the colour, meaning you are not restricted to using a screen that might not fit with your current décor.

The screens have proved to be particularly popular for events such as press conferences, social media and corporate events as well as the all-important red carpet galas. The desk screens are also very popular and useful in business environments that require discretion and privacy, call centers and other similar work places often hire these screens on an ongoing long term basis.

Why hire the freestanding screens as opposed to buying them?

Hiring any of our freestanding screens gives you the flexibility to hire for as long or short a time period as is necessary to your needs. You can also hire as many or few as you wish at any particular time.