Event Furniture Hire In London

Event Furniture Hire In London

Planning a company event is always stressful, as every company aims to impress it‘s visitors and ensure they have a enjoyable evening. Furnishings are extremely important in achieving this, as every business wants their upcoming corporate event to be equipped with the highest quality furniture, a task which can be difficult when considering the short amount of planning time that may be available. This however, is where Furniture Hire London can help! Furniture Hire is the perfect way of quickly providing robust and attractive furniture to make your upcoming event look fabulous! Hiring event furniture also makes much more economic sense in tough economic times when you're budget may be limited. If you are planning a one off event, but can’t afford to buy stacks of expensive furniture that may be left unused for large periods of time then you can simply hire it for extremely competitive prices.

Table hire for your event

Choosing a suitable table for your clients and guests to be seated at is particularly important. Our table hire section exhibit’s a large range of versatile, high quality products. For example our 1830mm Circular Banqueting table would make an excellent choice for a luxurious party your company may be planning. Our robust 1830mm table seats ten people easily and is guareenteed to create a classy environment and contribute to the smooth running of your event. Furniture Hire London also provides a range of furniture accessories which will add that extra something to your event, for example our classic table cloths. Our range of event furniture also exhibits versatility, with our circular banqueting table available in three sizes; 1220mm, 1525mm and 1830mm and is therefore the ideal choice for your event no matter how big or small the guestlist. You may think that a banqueting table is only useful for a lavish evening party however this is not the case! These tables are also ideal for corporate events, conferences and brainstorming sessions and are guareenteed to show clients that you take pride in the appearance of your company!

Why hire from Furniture Hire London?

Hiring furniture is an increasingly popular way of achieving a high quality business environment at minimal prices. For example, our 1830mm banqueting table is available at just £7.50 a week so there really is no reason as to why furniture hire could not provide the perfect solution for your company. If you are required to supply extra table space for a large upcoming corporate event but you do not wish to spend extortionate amounts of money on buying new furniture outright then Furniture Hire London is an excellent choice. Furthermore, we also offer efficient delivery with orders able to be dispatched the very same day which is ideal as perhaps a last minute extention to the guest list has left you stressed and in urgent need of extra tables! Overall, hiring furniture in London really is a quick and easy process which can be done either online or by phone and our friendly staff will be more than happy to answer any outstanding questions you may have. So don’t delay give us a call!

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