Plan Your Outdoor Event Before Winter

Plan Your Outdoor Event Before Winter

With winter soon approaching, Britain needs to make the most of this semi-warm weather while we still can! With the sun still shining and the frost not appearing yet – why not have a final outdoor event before its too late. Here at Furniture Hire UK, we offer a vast range of outdoor products perfect for parties, events or even just casual get-togethers with friends.

If the weather isn’t looking too great, perhaps invest in a few heaters and a marquee and you are sorted! Planning to invite people round can be quite stressful. There is such a great deal of things to think about, including food, entertainment and drink – that’s before you’ve even had a chance to think about the furniture!

Event Furniture Hire

Here at Furniture Hire UK, we understand the difficulty of doing so – which is why we recommend our range of event furniture to hire. With many different options, ranging from chair hire to table hire, we are sure to have options perfect for your event. Hiring furniture, especially short term, can save you a lot of money.

Buying furniture outright is expensive and a lot of effort – after using it for only one day you will have the difficulties of taking the furniture down and finding somewhere to store it. This hassle can be avoided by choosing to hire furniture rather than buy it! We offer delivery and collection to save you time, and can also set up your furniture for you if you require this too.

The Best Chairs For Outdoor Events

Our Chrome Bistro Chair is suitable for any outdoor area – it is very durable, allowing it to withstand all weather conditions – a very important quality in a country that has such unpredictable weather! At just £5.00 per week per chair, you can’t go wrong. Depending on how many pieces you order, and how long you are ordering for, you may also be able to get a large discount on this original price.

Tables To Complement

For just £10.99 per week, you can also hire our matching Chrome Bistro Table. This piece is made from the same top quality material as the chairs, and so is also very durable. These stylish pieces can create a homely, sophisticated yet modern atmosphere for any event. If you are interested in the pieces mentioned here, please take a look at the products on our website, or call us to speak to our friendly sales team! 

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