A Modern Office For The New Year

A Modern Office For The New Year

Furniture Hire UK specialise in the hire of quality furniture at affordable prices. Our table hire is one of the most popular options among customers. Furniture Hire UK has a wide range of tables to choose from. One of the most popular tables to hire for an office environment is the Medium Sized Meeting Table.

This modern looking table will fit into any office environment. The table comfortably fits 10 people making it great for everyday meetings, or more important conferences and meetings. One of the best features of the table is that it’s size can be increased if needed to accommodate for larger meetings. This table comes at a unbeatable price of only £27.27 per week.

Why Hire Furniture?

Buying furniture for a whole office can be very costly. Especially when the furniture will need replacing to keep the office looking modern and up to date. Hiring furniture instead of buying it is a very easy way to furniture an office cheaply. There are many advantages to hiring furniture from Furniture Hire UK.

For example you can request to change or replace the furniture whenever you wish. This makes updating the office a very simple and stress free job. All you need to do is call Furniture Hire UK and everything will be sorted out for you. Hiring furniture from us is a very easy and quick process. Our online website is a fast and secure way of ordering the exact furniture that you need, without having to search around warehouses for hours. We have a number of warehouses around the country meaning that in most cases, next day delivery will be available.

Complementary products that we recommend

To give your office the ultimate modern look, we recommend that you also use our chair hire service. Furniture Hire UK offers a range of different chairs so you will not struggle for choice. The Black Stacking Chair would complement the Medium Sized Meeting Table perfectly.

This comfortable and stylish chair comes in the colours of black or blue so will look good in any meeting room. Another useful feature the chair offers it that it can be stacked when not in use, meaning that you will able to save on storage space. The best thing about this chair is its extremely cheap price of only £2.75 per week. Why not give your office a makeover this Christmas and hire some new furniture from Furniture Hire UK. All you need to do is give us a ring on 0844 576 5744 and soon you will have a brand new office by the new year. 

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