Great Storage Solutions

Great Storage Solutions

When you are working in a busy office, it is essential that all your work remains organised. To be able to keep work organised you must have an efficient way of storing work. This is where Furniture Hire UK comes in. We are able to provide you office with top of the range office furniture at extremely low prices.

One of the most popular and most useful items of office furniture that we offer is the 2 Drawer Filing Cabinet. This cabinet comes in the modern fresh colour of white so will look good in any office environment. The cabinet is very strong and can hole up to 40kg of files per drawer. This means that you can efficiently store all of your work in a small space.

The cabinet is also small enough to be able to fit under your desk out of the way. This is perfect for saving space. The cabinet is easy to access with 100% drawer extension. This makes it easy for you to store and access files even at the back of the cabinet. You can hire this cabinet from use for only £4.32 a week.

Complementary Office Furniture

If you are looking for a bigger piece of furniture with more storage space than the two Drawer Filing Cabinet then we have more great options for you. Our 1830mm Double Door Cupboard also comes in the colour of white so will fit in perfectly with the cabinet. The cupboard offers maximum security with its espangolette locking system.

This cupboard is perfect for storing any work or files as it has 3 shelves inside it. This makes it easy to organise work quickly and effectively. If you feel like you want more than the three shelves, you can also hire more internal accessories to create the exact storage you need.

Why Hire Furniture?

Hiring Furniture from Furniture Hire UK couldn’t be easier. You can order online, or you can ring us on 0844 567 5744 and we will sort everything out for you. As we have a number of warehouses across the country we are able to provide next day delivery in most cases, so you will never be waiting long for your new furniture to arrive.

Hiring furniture is also a lot cheaper than buying new furniture as once you feel like you need new furniture all you have to do is ring us and we will sort out new replacement furniture for you. This works out a lot cheaper than having to sell your old furniture and then buy new furniture each time. So why not give us a call, or go onto our website to find out more about the great products we have to offer you today.