Classic Filing For Every Office

Classic Filing For Every Office

The choice of storage for your office will directly influence the performance of your team, as inadequate or inappropriate storage will result in time being lost searching for paperwork, thereby reducing the efficiency of your business. Make sure that your workplace functions at its very best at all times by enlisting the professional services of Furniture Hire UK.

We have years of experience behind us, and will be delighted to help you select some first class filing options guaranteed to improve your environment in no time at all! Our furniture hire range includes some superb filing cabinets which are ideal for a variety of office areas.

2 Drawer Filing Cabinet

Strong, practical and affordable, this 2 Drawer Filing Cabinet is a great choice for any working environment as it will provide excellent storage space without taking up a huge amount of space.

The actual dimensions are 710mm high x 460mm wide x 620mm deep, which is just the right size to enable you to store a range of office documents away in a neat and organised manner. It incorporates a host of features, including a 100% drawer extension, anti tilt locking mechanism and a 40kg suspension file carrying capacity per drawer.

Opt for long term furniture hire and you can make some substantial savings, for example rental rates for periods of 9 weeks or more will set you back less than £5 per week, and this sum decreases the longer your terms of rental! With such affordable prices, why not hire our matching 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet which will look smart and stylish placed next to the 2 drawer version, and, most importantly, will provide useful additional storage.

More recommended ways to increase the storage capacity of your workplace

Our Wooden Bookcase with 3 Shelves will provide generous storage whilst taking up very little floor space, making it a really practical choice for any modern office. Finished in a lovely light wood effect material, it will add elegance to your office, and help create a smart, organised environment in which everyone can work efficiently.

At Furniture Hire UK we can also offer you a matching Wooden Bookcase with 1 Shelf for additional storage, and this first class item will cost you less than £1 per week if you hire for 9 months or more! These are just a few examples of classic filing choices for the workplace, and if you visit our website you will find many more superb storage solutions perfect for all offices.

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