First Class Seating For Your School

First Class Seating For Your School

We are fast approaching the end of 2013 and now is the ideal time to assess your school environment and make improvements for 2014 in order to motivate staff and pupils alike for the coming year.

A smart, inviting classroom or exam hall will encourage everyone to perform to the best of their ability, and if you enlist the services of Furniture Hire UK, it is possible to achieve this without spending a huge sum of money. We can offer you a superb range of chair hire products which are perfect for a tough educational environment, and which, most importantly, will provide a high level of comfort for your students.

Blue Polyprop Chair

Each year we hire thousands of Polyprop Chairs for use within schools and universities up and down the country. Smart, practical and extremely low in price, our Blue Polyprop Chair is an ideal exam chair, with a range of features designed specifically for a demanding environment.

The seat base is constructed from enamelled bent tubular steel and the seat is moulded to provide superior comfort. In addition there is a hole at the back of the seat to ensure adequate ventilation is maintained, ensuring that students do not become hot and uncomfortable during a lengthy exam. A great advantage of this particular chair is that it is so easy to store when not in use, as it can be quickly stacked up to 10 high, and put away until next required.

In many schools an exam hall is a multi purpose area, and it is therefore essential that furniture can be changed around with the minimum of fuss. With rental prices starting at just £1 per week for this great item, you will be able to make huge improvements to your school without it being a burden on your finances.

Complementary furniture hire products

Easy to set up and extremely low cost to hire, our Folding Exam Desk is the perfect table hire choice for use with our Polyprop Chair. Getting an exam hall ready for a large exam can be time consuming and physically challenging, but if you hire this lightweight desk you will be able to set up your area with minimum effort.

Furthermore, it represents amazing value for more, as it can be hired for £3.50 per week in large quantities! For further details, including dimensions, you can visit our website or give us a call on 0844 567 5744 to speak to one of our specialised sales team.

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