Furniture For Upcoming Mock Exams

Hiring Furniture For Exams

Do you have any exam furniture for hire?

Mock exams are quickly approaching bringing with them a large amount of stress for everybody involved. As a school, you will wan the best for your students. To help them achieve what they are capable of it is essential that they have a calm and comfortable working environment. You can help to achieve this for them by using our educational furniture range.

We have all the furniture you will need to create a perfect exam setting for your students. First of all, you will probably need to hire a large number of tables. we are the perfect company to hire from for this need as we provide great quality products without compromising on quality. Our most popular table option is the Folding Exam Desk. This desk is extremely easy to handle as it is very lightweight . it can be set up very quickly which is essential for when you need to set up a large number of tables in a short time. The Folding Exam Desk is perfect for students who are sitting exams as it comes with a pen groove at the top of the table.

This maximises the working space for the student and also ensures that they don’t have pens rolling around everywhere. You do not need to pay huge amounts for top quality tables. you can hire the Folding Exam Desk from Furniture Hire UK for only £3.38 per week.

Do you have any other exam furniture to go with the Folding Exam Desk?

Yes we do. we also offer a wide range of chair hire. A perfect option for you would be the Black Polyprop Chair. This chair is very lightweight but still extremely durable and comfortable; the chair has a hole at the back of the seat to add to the comfort by providing efficient ventilation. This is essential, as students will be sitting in them for long periods of time.

The Black Polyprop Chair can be stacked up to ten chairs high. This is great for when you need to store the chairs away after the exam period finishes as it will save you a lot of room. This chair can also be hired in the colour of blue if preferred. The best thing about the Black Polyprop Chair is its amazing price of only £1 per week. To find out more about our educational furniture hire range, give us a call today on 0844 567 5744.

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