Fine Dining for Your Restaurant

Fine Dining for Your Restaurant

Restaurant Furniture

I'm opening a new restaurant soon. What furniture would you recommend for a modern look?

Opening a new restaurant is a very difficult and time consuming task. The restaurant need to look sophisticated and modern, whilst still looking welcoming. One of the most important aspects of the décor of the restaurant is the furniture.

The furniture such as the table and chairs need to be comfortable for customers, but also needs to be extremely stylish. At Furniture Hire UK we have a range of Fine Dining furniture which will be perfect for any restaurant to use. You will be able to hire top quality furniture from our reliable service.

If you are looking to have a sophisticated and modern looking restaurant we have the ideal furniture for this. Our most popular table choice for fine dining is the Walnut Bistro Table. This table is of the highest quality and is made from a 25mm walnut top. The table sits on a brushed chrome base. The table manages to achieve a look that is very elegant, whilst also be stylish and functional. This table is not expensive to hire at only £22.50 per week.

What products complement this table?

To complement your table, we can offer you the perfect chairs. Designed to match the Walnut Bistro Table perfectly is the Fine Dining Chair. The Fine Dining Chair has padded cream leather making it look very luxurious. The legs of the chair are constructed from rich walnut meaning that they match the Walnut Bistro Table perfectly. This chair will look great in any restaurant environment, creating a classy and modern environment. This chair can be hired at the very reasonable price of £9.09 per week.

Why hire furniture

Why do so many people recommend hiring furniture?

Many people ask why it is more beneficial to hire furniture rather than buy it. The benefits of hiring furniture are great for business’ who have large amounts of customers. Owning a restaurant has great potential to make large profits, but to do this, the look of the restaurant has to be kept modern and clean.

This may mean that you need to change your furniture more than other business’ would. This is why hiring furniture is so great. If you hire furniture from Furniture Hire UK you can get replacement furniture whenever you like. This is perfect for if your furniture has become worn out looking, or if you just fancy a change of décor. All you need to do is give us a ring on 0844 567 5744 and we will sort everything out for you. Alternatively you can log onto our website at to view all our different ranges of furniture, and order directly off the site.