Fine Dining Furniture Hire

Fine Dining Furniture Hire

Are you looking for some dining furniture that is a bit more upperclass? Or maybe you would just like to modernise your social space? The following information will allow you to choose the perfect furniture to match your needs.

I’m looking for affordable furniture that will be both practical but also look smart and of high quality, any suggestions?

By looking at Furntiure Hire UKs range of fine dining items you will be able to fulfil your requirements without stress, hassle of large costs. Our fine dining range features standard yet sophisticated tables and chairs but also includes sofas and coffee tables for added practicality. 

Dining Tables and Chairs

I am looking at updating my dining furniture to something with more class and sophistication, what items would be suitable for this?

The fine dining chair is a simple yet stylish item that is available from £19.99 per week. It is upholstered in a soft cream leather fabric with plenty of padding underneath for maximum comfort. The legs of this chair are made of rich walnut that look expensive and match perfectly with the fine dining walnut bistro table. The Walnut Bistro Table has a contemporary feel with a simple square top made of 25mm thick walnut. This top is set upon a brushed chrome base and this item is available for £49.50

Bar Furniture

What fine dining bar stools available?

First of all, why not check out the Fine Dining Stool. This chair is luxuriously padded and upholstered in cream leather material, meaning it not only has great comfort but also amazing style too. For further comfort the stool has a footrest for you to rest your weary feet on. Available for hire for only £39.50 per week. For a simpler chair, the Walnut Stool could be your ideal choice. This stool features a wooden seat with low back and also a footrest. The base and footrest are finished in chrome for a modern look. To adjust the height of the stool, a lever is used for hassle free movements. Very affordable at only £15.00 per week.

Are there any bar tables to match these stools?

The Walnut Poseur Table has a simple design that means it will match with both the bar stools previously mentioned. On top of a chrome trumpet base is a dark walnut wood top that matches the wood of all the previously mentioned furniture. Its high height means that it is the perfect height for people standing or using one of the bar stools.